THORNDIKE — There was little chance Draedyn Furrow would not grow to be an exceptional athlete.

His parents, Monica and Wally, are former high school athletic stalwarts and have been coaching youth sports in the area for nearly two decades.

Draedyn’s grandfather, Dennis “Bear” Bryant (Monica’s father), has Belfast Area High School football field named in his honor.

Sports have flowed through the Furrow family like a brook to a stream, or stream to a river.

And as far as high school sports go in the Midcoast through the 2020-21 season, Furrow’s accomplishments in his junior year may as well have encapsulated the ocean as he was named the the Courier Publications/VillageSoup schoolboy athlete of the year.

Furrow earned the honor by edging Camden Hills’ Thomas Griebel and Levi Guay, Belfast’s Jason Bartlett and Mount View classmate Noah Hurd.

Furrow now is a senior at MVHS, but it is his accomplishments as a junior that nabbed him the media company’s award (and is in position for a potential repeat for the 2021-22 honor by virtue of his efforts thus far as a 12th-grader).

“I’m honored to be recognized amongst the other talented athletes in the Midcoast area,” he said. “It means a lot that my determination and hard work have been recognized.”

Furrow played soccer, basketball and baseball for the Mustangs. On the soccer pitch, he scored eight goals and tallied two assists on a team coming off a state Class C final appearance and that went unbeaten through six games before that season was halted due to the pandemic.

The winter season also was unconventional as it did not have a traditional 18-game regular season or Maine Principals’ Association-sponsored postseason, but he did average nearly a triple-double (12.5 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals) on the basketball court.

In baseball, he was named Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference first team all-conference (all-conference awards were not awarded in the fall or winter seasons due to COVID-19) and batted .504, while he racked up 24 hits and 19 stolen bases.

He often was seen galloping past defenders on the soccer pitch like a gazelle, maneuvering around them on the hardwood in pursuit of the ball like a cheetah and has cat-like reflexes — no matter what position he plays (he plays multiple) — on the baseball diamond.

Animal analogies notwithstanding, Furrow is a Mustang. Through and through.

Jeremy Von Oesen, who coaches Furrow in three sports, said “no one deserves this [honor] more.”

“He competes at a high level in every sport, in every game and is an incredible teammate,” Von Oesen said. “What people don’t get to see is how hard he works in every training, practice to be the best. He is unselfish, helps others with school during study sessions and with everything he takes on is the leading candidate to be valedictorian of his Mount View class. He is extremely coachable, likeable, and a one-of-a-kind human that will continue to great things. He always has another gear when others begin to fade.”

The following is Furrow’s personal information and answers to a myriad of topics:

Name: Draedyn Furrow.

Age: 17.

Grade: 12.

Parents: Wally and Monica Furrow.

Town: Thorndike.

Favorite athlete: Deebo Samuel.

Favorite personal moment in sports: Winning the Class C Northern Maine Championship in soccer my sophomore year.

Favorite course in school: Chemistry.

TV show you never miss: “Family Guy.”

Favorite phone app: Clash Royale.

What type of music do you listen to before competing: Rap.

Favorite movie: The Benchwarmers.

Food you pig out on: Chocolate covered pretzels.

Hobbies: Playing video games, sports, fishing, kayaking, skiing.

Vehicle you wish you were driving: Audi R8.

Most influential people in your life: My parents.

Future plans: Go to college and travel.

Q — You’ve excelled at all three sports (not just this year but most). Do you prefer any of the three over the others? Which one and why?

A — As a kid, my favorite sport had always been whatever sport I was playing at the time. However, since high school started soccer has taken over. I think winning plays a big role in this as I am competitive and Mount View’s soccer program has had great success in recent years.

Q — Is there one moment or game that sticks out above all others from last year? Which one and why?

A — One game that sticks out to me is my baseball game against Belfast at home. It was a back-and-forth game and we ended up pulling off the win. I had an important diving catch, which lead to an unassisted double play and saved a run. In the bottom of the seventh, I had a base hit, which moved a runner to scoring position. Then, my teammate, Noah Hurd, hit a walk-off. It was a rivalry game that we won (1-0) and it pushed us closer to our goal to make a name for Mount View baseball.

Q — How much work away from the court/field/diamond goes into what people see from you when you’re out there competing (diet, training, weights etc.)?

A — I take care of my body year-round by running in the off-season. I also make sure I get into the gym throughout the year. The past couple of years I have focused more on weight training. I also practice all three sports at the local park.

Q — Do you think student-athletes should put all their efforts into doing one sport, or do you think being well-versed in multiple sports makes you a better all-around athlete?

A — I think it is more important as an athlete to play multiple sports because it is better for your body in terms of your agility, using more muscles, your game IQ. I feel it just makes you a better athlete overall.

Q — What do you like to do for fun other than sports? What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

A — I like to play video games and hang out with my friends. I am currently on track to being first in my class for grade-point average.

Q — Lastly, what are your plans for after high school? College? Playing sports? Right to work?

A — I plan to go to college to study chemical engineering. I am open to playing soccer; however, the colleges I am looking at do not offer men’s soccer.