The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 15 through Dec. 21, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Phoenix Row Investments LLC to Powell Property Management LLC.

Heidi J. H. McFadden and Michael J. McFadden III to Paul Terence Dube and Yvette Susanne Dube.

Lawrence Robstock Jr. and Marcia Kiesel to Michael A. White and Jane E. White.

Storm Gould and Rhoda Gould to Philip Campbell and Dana Campbell.

Jana R. McQuilkin to Jason Gabbert-Fleming.


Anita L. Grass to Nathan Grass.

Anita L. Grass to Sandra G. Downs.

Anita L. Grass to Gregory Grass.

Fox A. Buck to Roxanne Perkins-Cedrone.


Betty H. Tuthill to Betty H. Tuthill Revocable Living Trust.


Charles Butler to Butler Realty Trust.


T R Dillon Logging Inc. to Scott M. Bumford.

Jon R. Bagley and Catherine L. Bagley to Ricky Bagley.


Islesboro Affordable Property to Anne V. Renarde and Erik P. Tierney.


Gregory Ryan to Brooke C. Sheldon and Hayden V. Sheldon.


Toni Brown Farrell and Toni J. Brown to Toni Brown Farrell Living Trust.

Mark O’Neil, Beverly Kocenko and Beverly Kochenko to Isaac Sherwood Grindle and Shantel Lynsey Grindle.


Maureen M. Kremin and Michael J. Kremin to Miriam Mason Browning.

Darlene Rhodes Cowan to Matthew Frederick Cowan and Adam Jacob Cowan.

Douglas Clayton and Amanda Clayton to Lauren A. Michalakes and Chris J. Michalakes.

Sidney Eudy and Elizabeth Eudy to Robert E. Short and Jeanne V. Short.


Colby E. Clendenning to Philip McHugh and Valerie McHugh.

Town of Monroe and Town of Jackson to Amos Grant and Melinda Theriault.

John Ferreira Est. to Cynthia L. Bauer, William R. Ferreira and Judith A. Ferreira.


Evert James Hussey and Linda Lea Hussey to Elissa L. Hussey.

No Location

Donald L. Quigley and Glenna Quigley to Ann Quigley Foley, Mark H. Quigley and Rachel Audrey Campagna.


Gregory S. Wight to Karen A. Foxwell.


Anna M. Quattrucci to Lewis G. Gillies and Teresa M. Gleason.

Norman Elvin and Teresa Elvin to G & E Realty.

Bridget K. Wheatman and Brian D. Wheatman to Mark A. Rodriguez, Dora L. Rodriguez and Victoria T. Rodriguez.


Richard J. Harriman Sr. to Judson Crook and Debra Crook.


Deborah Jean Cooper to Brandon Wesley Cooper, Dakota Wayne Cooper and Joseph Walker Cooper.

Deborah Jean Cooper to Deborah Jean Cooper and Brandon Wesley Cooper.

Stockton Springs

Paul Bock to Paul Bock.

Michele A. Kirkman to James A. Redmond.

Kenneth S. Flannery to Corey A. Field.

Liversidge Property Development LLC to Robert L. Paine.


Erik Clay and Heather Clay to Gerard Corbin II and Autumn Corbin.

Lisa A. Rediker to Joseph D. McDevitt.

William C. Harford and Pamela J. Harford to Harford Family Trust.


Canaan Land LLC  to Jennifer N. Wilbur.


Anita J. Robbins Est. to Lynn McMurrough.


Lynne Harvey to Autumn Harvey and Benjamin Harvey.

Town of Winterport to Clydella Anderson.

Devin Bedard to Robert Osgood.