STOCKTON SPRINGS — The Select Board met with the Parks Committee to discuss the future of the Americans with Disabilities Act trail at Sandy Point Beach Park Jan. 6.

Town Manager Mac Smith told The Republican Journal after the meeting Thursday that he will contact the Maine Conservation Corps for an estimate of the cost to return the ADA portion of the trail to compliance with the act and report to the board. Select Board members will meet again with the Parks Committee to determine what action to take.

The board also received a request from resident Kenneth Wyman, a member of the Harbor Committee, to store his barge on public land at the harbor for the winter. The board has received a few other requests along these lines in the past few months, and Smith urged members to create a policy regarding the use of public property.

The board voted to allow Wyman to store the barge at the harbor until the end of March. In the meantime, Smith will develop a proposed policy on the use of public property by residents and groups in the town.

In other business, the board set Feb. 3 as the date for a public hearing on an amendment to the town’s General Assistance Ordinance, to bring it in line with state law.

Smith also said Select Board members will discuss short-term rentals in February to decide whether an ordinance is urgently needed now, or can wait until July. Smith will notify stakeholders when a date is set.

Finally, he said the town has received a third American Rescue Plan Act allocation of $99.76 out of surplus state funds.

The next meeting is at 8 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 20, at the Town Office.

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