By now I’m sure everyone has read about the Christmas rescue on Mt. Waldo. I won’t be redundant and repeat it, since the story is on the front page of last weeks Republican Journal, but I will offer the thought that when circumstances combine in such an unlikely way, then perhaps it isn’t just by chance.

The Frankfort Congregational Church’s Christmas Eve service was well attended. Even the weather cooperated.

History note

From The Republican Journal, Jan. 11, 1894: “The Grammar School at the village closed last Friday owing to the teacher, Mr. Hayes of N.H., having trouble with some of the larger boys.”

This reminds me of a story told to me by the late James Doak, of Waldo, regarding the old one-room schoolhouse on East Waldo Road. Jim said that they had trouble keeping teachers because of unruly students. Most of the teachers were ladies from out-of-town and many of the students were big, burly boys who didn’t much care about learning.

A favorite stunt of these boys was to pick the poor teacher up, throw her outside, and lock the door. This was bad enough in summer, but in winter, it put the teacher in physical danger.

Perchin’ prediction

As of Jan. 1, local ponds did not have sufficient ice for safe walking. Perhaps the following cold spate will lock in lakes and ponds so we can get out and catch some fish. While others may feel comfortable with only 2-3 inches of ice, I require at least 4-5 inches before I feel safe.

Weekly quote

Old English motto: “The blackest month of all the year is the month of Janiveer.”