Happy New Year! The end of the year wrapped up quietly. We were particularly glad for the carolers who came to our door a few nights before Dec. 25 and performed two songs amongst the snow and the fir trees we had lit around our property. Thanks to Deb Burwell, Judy Kaiser, Steve Ellis and Victoria Olson for the unforgettable holiday cheer.

I’ve noticed lately that there is a new trend on East Waldo Road of people driving on the wrong side of the road for more than just a moment. I saw three different vehicles doing it in one week. I’m assuming they are choosing the side of the road with the fewest potholes and ruts, but it is also dangerous, no matter how slow you’re going. I believe this is a sign that the condition of our road needs to be addressed again, and folks should speak to their neighbors about safe driving if you see anyone you know doing it.

A new year is a turning of a corner. We move past the holidays, take down the lights that we put up just for the joy of seeing and sharing them. We take down the tree and festive decorations, and cards from those we were lucky enough to have think of us. We turn ahead to months of gray, and brown, and white; cold, and storms, and power outages. These are the months that make us real Mainers and often give us the stories we repeat in years to come. In this time we are faced with our discomforts and how to live with them.

It must be January when a 38-degree day feels warm. I am trying to focus on the little bit of extra sunlight I notice every few days to feel connected to the brighter, warmer, more uplifting seasons. In the coming week we will see the kind of cold we haven’t had in a few years. Stay warm and safe.


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