A mixed bag of results were churned out on the hardwood by area high school basketball squads Thursday through Saturday, Jan. 6-8, as teams from Oceanside of Rockland, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro, Belfast, Islesboro and Mount View of Thorndike collected victories.

On Thursday, the Mariners netted wins over Leavitt of Turner, while the Panther boys and Mustang girls nailed down victories over Lincoln Academy of Newcastle and Winslow.

Camden Hills and Searsport were swept by Cony of Augusta and Central of Corinth.

On Saturday, Belfast bested Bucksport — as the Lion girls netted their first win — Medomak Valley swept Mount Ararat of Topsham and Oceanside and Islesboro boys notched victories over Lincoln Academy of Newcastle and Pine Tree Academy of Freeport.

Additionally, the Windjammers, Mustangs and Vikings were swept by Skowhegan, Ellsworth and Jonesport-Beals, while the Eagle girls suffered a tough-luck loss to the Breakers.

The following is a recap of reported results:


Skowhegan 60, Camden Hills 49

At Skowhegan Jan. 8, the River Hawks pulled away from the Windjammers in the third quarter and earned an 11-point win. Skowhegan led 13-8 after the first quarter, while the opponents were tied 29-29 at halftime. Skowhegan retook a 49-28 advantage after three stanzas.

Westen DeWaard tossed in 20 points to lead Camden Hills, while Liam O’Neal added 11; Eben Fagonde, six; Ryan Clifford and Aidan O’Connell, five; and Dylan Morgenstern, two.

Adam Savage keyed Skowhegan with 26 points, while Kyle Lepage added 15; Colin Lepage, eight; Levi Obert, five; Quincy McCray, four; and Marshall Easler, two.

The visitors were 8-of-13 (61 percent) from the foul line, while the hosts were 13-of-25 (52 percent).

With the loss, the Windjammers fell to 4-3.

Belfast 50, Bucksport 35

At Belfast Jan. 8, the Lions roared past the Golden Bucks to the tune of a 15-point victory. Belfast led 12-6, 23-15 and 37-23 at the quarter breaks.

Keegan McGowan paced the Lions with 13 points, while K.J. Payson tallied 12; James Ritter, 11; and Andrew Abelon and Rico Washington, seven.

Caden Blackwood scored 12 points for the Golden Bucks, while Ty Giberson and Evan Donnell added eight; Jake Williams, three; and Jacob Brezovsky and Sione Tungautua, two.

Belfast was 12-of-19 (63 percent) from the charity stripe, while Bucksport was 2-of-6 (33 percent).

With the win, the Lions improved to 2-6.

Medomak Valley 66, Mount Ararat 39

At Topsham Jan. 8, the Panthers prowled past the host Eagles. Medomak Valley led 11-7, 31-18 and 46-27 at the quarter breaks.

Trevor Brown poured in 28 points for the winners, while Patrick McKenney added 15; Jacob Craig, eight; Blake Morrison and Jake Bickmore, four; Matthew Holbrook, Jaiden Starr and Finn Parmley, two; and Kory Donlin, one.

Mount Ararat was led by Ty Henke with 10 points, while Brandon Emerson added seven; Kasey Bergeron and Parker Bate, six; Ryan Robertson, four; and John Martin, Brady Merrill and Ethan Berry, two.

The Panthers were 10-of-19 (53 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 15-of-23 (65 percent).

With the win, the Panthers improved to 6-3.

Oceanside 50, Lincoln Academy 41

At Rockland Jan. 8, the Mariners sailed past the visiting Eagles. Oceanside led 17-9, 28-23 and 40-30 at the quarter breaks.

Carter Galley led Oceanside with 11 points, while Cohen Galley added nine; Hayden Jacques and Bodhi Ames, eight; Alex Bartlett, seven; Zeb Foster, four; and Alex Collins, three. Cohen Galley had eight rebounds, while Ames added six blocked shots and Bartlett six boards.

Lucas Houghton scored 13 points for Lincoln Academy, while Gabe Hagar added seven; Tucker Stiles and Tyson Ball, six; Jake Masters, three; and Colin Bradbury, Jack Duncan and Sammy Chapman, two.

The Mariners were 10-of-16 (62 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 11-of-17 (65 percent).

With the win, the Mariners improved to 6-3.

Ellsworth 79, Mount View 46

At Thorndike Jan. 8, the Eagles remained unbeaten with a lopsided win over the host Mustangs. Ellsworth led 24-12, 43-25 and 62-39 at the quarter breaks.

Declan Knowlton scored 17 points for the ‘Stangs, while Draedyn Furrow added 13; Noah Hurd, eight; Wyatt Evensen, five; Tyler Russell, two; and Isaac Ellis, one.

For the Eagles, with first names unavailable, Chance Mercier netted 24 points, while Hunter Curtis added 19; Gage Hardy, 15; Brett Bragdon, six; Michael Palmer, five; Cruz Coffin, three; Miles Palmer, Eamon MacDonald and Michael Harris, two; and Kaleb Conners, one.

Mount View was 9-of-21 (43 percent) from the foul line, while Ellsworth was 11-of-17 (65 percent).

With the loss, the Mustangs fell to 5-4.

Islesboro 49, Pine Tree Academy 39

At Freeport Jan. 8, the islanders netted a 10-point road win over the Breakers. PTA led 13-8 after the first quarter and 19-14 at halftime, while Islesboro rebounded to take a 34-27 lead after three quarters.

Dylan Frank tossed in 21 points to pace the Eagles, while Charlie Jagger added eight; Sam Jagger and Tobias Conover, seven; and Shamus Dove, six. Frank (10 rebounds, 4 assists), Conover (5 assists), Charlie Jagger (4 assists), Dove (7 rebounds) and Sam Jagger (6 assists, 3 rebounds) also helped stuff the statistical sheet for the islanders.

Alden Thacker scored 14 points for the Breakers, while Silas Yeaton added 10; Benjamin Ndamukunda, nine; Mason Littell, four; and David Knowles, two.

The visitors were 8-of-17 (47 percent) from the foul line, while the hosts were 3-of-9 (33 percent).

With the win, the Eagles improved to 4-0.

Winslow 70, Mount View 67

At Thorndike Jan. 6, the Black Raiders staved off a late Mustang rally and prevailed by three points. Winslow led 18-15, 42-27 and 62-48 at the quarter breaks.

Draedyn Furrow and Tyler Russell scored 18 points for the hosts, while Noah Hurd and Declan Knowlton added 13; Wyatt Evensen, three; and Isaac Ellis, two.

For Winslow, with first names unavailable, J. Reynolds tossed in 26 points, while A. Poulin added 17; N. Girard, 10; E. Bourget, nine; M. Quirion, eight; and A. Akua, two.

The Mustangs were 12-of-30 (40 percent) from the foul line, while the Black Raiders were 15-of-25 (60 percent).

Medomak Valley’s Katherine McKenney. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Medomak Valley 53, Lincoln Academy 29

At Waldoboro Jan. 6, the Panthers went on a 23-2 run in the second quarter and rode that momentum to a win over their Lincoln County rivals. Medomak Valley led 9-7, 32-9 and 50-15 at the quarter breaks.

Patrick McKenney scored 17 points to lead the Panthers, while Trevor Brown added 13; Jake Bickmore, eight; Jacob Craig, five; Blake Morrison and Kory Donlin, four; and Jaiden Starr, two.

For Lincoln Academy, Tucker Stiles led the way with six points, while Gabe Hagar added five; Lucas Houghton and Nick Prior, four; and Jake Masters, Colin Bradbury, Jack Duncan, Sam Chapman and Tyson Ball, two.

Medomak Valley made 6-of-13 (46 percent) from the foul line, while Lincoln Academy did not attempt a foul shot.

Oceanside 58, Leavitt 47

At Turner Jan. 6, the Mariners invaded the Hornets’ nest and excited with an 11-point win. Oceanside led 12-11, 28-21 and 37-30 at the quarter breaks.

Carter Galley led the Mariners with 17 points, while Alex Bartlett added 15; Alex Collins, 11; Cohen Galley, four; and Austin Chilles, Bodhi Ames and Ben Tripp, three.

Cohen Galley (6 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals), Carter Galley (5 assists, 4 rebounds) and Ames (5 rebounds) also contributed in other categories for the visitors.

For Leavitt, with first names unavailable, S. Hathaway scored 16 points, while H. Hayes added 12; D. Jordan and I. Redstone, six; N. Morin, four; and B. Sirois, three.

Oceanside was 9-of-13 (69 percent) from the foul line, while Leavitt was 5-of-8 (62 percent).

Medomak Valley’s Zaniah Puchalski (4), along with teammate Kytana Williamson, back, and Mount Ararat’s Brooklyne Choate, right, and Morgan Ruff. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Central 83, Searsport 46

At Searsport Jan. 6, the Vikings were bedeviled by the visitors and were handed a lopsided loss. Central led 25-8, 44-24 and 56-33 at the quarter breaks.

Josh Wright keyed the Vikings with 19 points, while Hunter Treat tallied six; Eli Law and Cole Ellis, four; Gage Ellis and Tim Smith, three; Sam Cahill and Sean Paige, two; and Ashton Ellis, one.

Simon Allen led the Red Devils with 23 points, while Bryce Burns added 22; Koby Bean, 12; Will Libby, 10; Jackson Pollick, seven; Raulin Willis, three; and Lucas Austin and Justin Buller, two.

The Vikings netted 9-of-19 (47 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Red Devils shot a blistering 20-of-22 (91 percent).

This loss, coupled with the team’s loss to Jonesport-Beals Jan. 8, drops Searsport to 2-5.

Cony 77, Camden Hills 62

At Augusta Jan. 6, the Rams defended their home court with a 15-point win over the Windjammers. Cony led 26-17, 50-24 and 65-38 at the quarter breaks.

Liam O’Neal scored 14 points for Camden Hills, while Westen DeWaard and Aiden O’Connell added 11; Dylan Morgenstern, nine; Quincy Messer, seven; Hunter Norton, six; and Eben Fagonde, four.

Luke Briggs paced the Rams and poured in 31 points, while Parker Sergent added 16; Kam Douin, 13; Kalen Stred, seven; Dom Napolitano, six; and Sam Flannery and Rocco Napolitano, one.

The Windjammers were 15-of-20 (75 percent) from the foul line, while the Rams were 6-of-10 (60 percent).

Medomak Valley’s Zaniah Puchalski, left, and Mount Ararat’s Avery Beal. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer


Medomak Valley 42, Mount Ararat 36

At Waldoboro Jan. 8, the Panthers erased a first-half deficit and prowled past the visiting Eagles. Mount Ararat led 5-2 after the first quarter and 17-13 at halftime, while Medomak Valley took a 28-22 edge after three stanzas.

Katherine McKenney scored 11 points for the Panthers, while Kytana Williamson added nine; Autumn Ripley, seven; Haley Puchalski, four; Baylee Stewart, Sara Nelson and Audrey Jackson, three; and Madilyn Simmons, two. Nelson also had seven rebounds and seven steals, while Williamson added six boards.

For Mount Ararat, Elsa Dauleno scored 12 points, while Morgan Ruff added seven; Avery Beal, five; Cali Pomerleau, four; Haleigh Hanson, three; Maddie Kinney and B. Choate, two; and D. Williams, one.

Medomak Valley converted 19-of-30 (63 percent) attempts from the foul line, while Mt. Ararat made 10-of-20 (50 percent).

With the win, Medomak Valley improved to 7-2.

Belfast 43, Bucksport 33

At Belfast Jan. 8, the Lions secured their first win, a 10-point triumph over the Golden Bucks. Belfast led 6-2, 14-10 and 26-17 at the quarter breaks.

Audri Goodwin scored 14 points for the Lions, while Madison Deans added 11; Natalie Hamlin, seven; Halle Tripp, five; Danica Gray, four; and Julie Darres, two.

Faith Vincent led the Golden Bucks with 15 points, while Jetta Shook added eight; Sam Cyr, four; Mercedes Taungatua, three; and Kaitlyn Flannery, two.

Belfast was 7-of-12 (58 percent) from the foul line, while Bucksport converted 6-of-15 (40 percent) attempts.

With the win, Belfast improved to 1-6.

Skowhegan 71, Camden Hills 27

At Rockport Jan. 8, the River Hawks outscored the Windjammers in each stanza — including 22-0 in the third — and soared past the hosts. Skowhegan led 20-8, 40-16 and 62-16 at the quarter breaks.

Jaycie Christopher led the River Hawks with 24 points, while Annabelle Morris added 20; Callaway Lepage, 13; Jayla Gentry and Allie Frey, four; Maddy Morris, three; Aryana Lewis, two; and Natalie Gilman, one.

Bailey Curtis paced the Windjammers with eight points, while Molly Hixon added seven; Tessa Whitley, four; and Anna Jordan, Maddie Luce, Ella Powers and Amelia Johnson, two.

Camden Hills was 2-of-6 (33 percent) from the charity stripe, while Skowhegan was 20-of-26 (77 percent).

With the loss, Camden Hills dropped to 0-7.

Jonesport-Beals 42, Searsport 26

At Jonesport Jan. 8, the Royals built a sizable early lead and rode that momentum to a 16-point win. Jonesport-Beals led 10-5, 23-11 and 32-15 at the quarter breaks.

Julianna Sprague led the Vikings with 10 points, while Ally Astbury and Ellie Cahill added four and Izzy Bailey, Laura Warman, Emily Mello and Lily Nadeau two.

Emma Peabody paced the Royals with 14 points, while Lauren Crowley added eight; Mary McDonald, six; Lauren Beal and Emily Lunn, four; and Rachel Crowley, three.

Searsport was 4-of-4 (100 percent) from the foul line, while Jonesport-Beals was 16-of-23 (70 percent).

With the loss, Searsport falls to 1-6.

Pine Tree Academy 29, Islesboro 10

At Freeport Jan. 8, the Breakers held the islanders scoreless throughout the first half and came away with a victory. PTA led 13-0, 16-0 and 19-4 at the quarter breaks.

Anna Zlotkowski scored eight points for Islesboro and Sam Conover two.

For PTA, Eliana Tardiff netted 15 points, while Ishell Maitland added eight; Anna Marden, four; and Abby Stearman, two.

The Eagles did not attempt a free throw, while the Breakers were 3-of-6 (50 percent) from the foul line.

With the loss, Islesboro dropped to 0-3.

Ellsworth 69, Mount View 43

At Thorndike Jan. 8, the Eagles soared out to a first-quarter lead and bested the host Mustangs. Ellsworth led 25-7, 39-16 and 55-32 at the quarter breaks.

Hannah Coolen scored 15 points for the ‘Stangs, while Ari Bradeen and Savannah Lorenz added nine; Kayleigh Dunton, four; and Guilia Ferrando, Syd Vogel and Carli Finn, two.

Grace Jaffrey netted 26 points to lead the Eagles, while Addison Atherton and Morgan Clifford added nine; Abby Radel and Lily Bean, six; Jocelyn Jordan and Brooke Pirie, four; Anna Stevens, three; and Aaliyah Manning, two.

Mount View was 14-of-24 (58 percent) from the foul line, while Ellsworth was 8-of-17 (47 percent).

With the loss, Mount View dropped to 3-5.

Oceanside 74, Leavitt 34

At Rockland Jan. 6, the Mariners extended their unbeaten streak with a win over the Hornets. Oceanside led 17-12, 36-16 and 68-19 at the quarter breaks.

Bailey Breen led all scorers with 23 points, while Audrey Mackie added 19; Anna Kingsbury, eight; Aubri Hoose and Emily Sykes, six; Sophia Daggett, five; Abby Waterman, four; and Alydia Hatch, three.

Waterman also stuffed the statistical sheet with nine steals, four blocked shots and four assists, while Mackie (9 assists, 4 steals), Breen (4 blocks, 2 steals) and Kingsbury (4 assists, 4 steals) did the same.

Caitlin McCoy led the Hornets with 15 points, while Kate Blouin and Jazzlyn Clark added seven; Kayla Smith, three; and Jill Pelletier, two.

The teams shot 50 percent from the foul line with Oceanside 3-of-6 and Leavitt 2-of-4.

With the win, the Mariners improved to 8-0, including 21 straight wins over two seasons.

Medomak Valley’s Kytana Williamson. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Cony 56, Camden Hills 32

At Rockport Jan. 6, the Rams proved tough throughout the 32-minute affair and netted a lopsided win. Cony led 15-6, 25-14 and 39-23 at the quarter breaks.

Molly Hixon led the Windjammers with seven points, while Maddie Luce and Ella Powers added six; Tessa Whitley, four; Bailey Curtis, Tess Jalbuena-Cook, Lily Clement and Leah Snyder, two; and Ella Graffam, one.

Indiya Clarke keyed the Rams with 14 points, while Sage Fortin added 13; Alyssa Reidman, seven; Sierra Prebit, six; Abby Morrill and Kristen Kirk, four; and Morgan Cunningham, Raegan Bechard, Reilley Fleck and Kylie Quinn, two.

Camden Hills was 6-of-12 (50 percent) from the foul line, while Cony was 18-of-24 (75 percent).

Mount View 58, Winslow 43

At Winslow Jan. 6, the Mustangs collected their first win over the Black Raiders in at least five seasons. Mount View jumped to a 17-3 lead in the first quarter and led 30-19 at halftime and 43-32 after three quarters.

“[It’s the] first time we’ve beating Winlsow in my five years coaching at Mount View,” said coach Mark Cooper. “So it’s a pretty special win.”

Hannah Coolen paced the ‘Stangs with 18 points, while Savannah Lorenz added 14; Ari Bradeen, 12; Sad Vogel, eight; and Kricket Thompson, six.

Coolen (11 rebounds, 5 assists), Thompson (11 rebounds), Lorenz (8 rebounds), Bradeen (8 rebounds) and Dunton (5 assist) also stuffed the statistical sheet for Mount View.

Harly Pomerleau scored 14 points for Winslow, while Mikayla Rioux added 13; Leah Knight, six; Sage Clukey, five; Maddison Lower, four; and Mia Fitzpatrick, one.

Mount View was 16-of-29 (55 percent) from the foul line, while Winslow was 14-of-22 (63 percent).

Lincoln Academy 46, Medomak Valley 36

At Newcastle Jan. 6, the Eagles soared past the Panthers. Lincoln Academy led 15-2, 28-9 and 38-18 at the quarter breaks.

Maya Cannon scored 11 points for the Panthers, while Kytana Williamson added eight; Baylee Stewart, six; Sara Nelson, five; Autumn Ripley, four; and Katherine McKenney, two.

Payson Kaler paced the Eagles with 26 points, while Grace Houghton added 12; Paige Lafrenaye, four; and Annie Peaslee and Olivia Stiles, two.

Medomak Valley was 9-of-11 (81 percent) from the foul line, while Lincoln Academy was 15-of-21 (71 percent).

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