Volunteer Fire Department Notes Jan. 5

Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021, was a busy day for us. We received a call for medical assistance with Belfast Ambulance in Morrill at about 6:25 p.m. A male patient was transported at 7 p.m. We held our monthly training with a very good turnout. The training adjourned around 9 p.m.

Approximately an hour later we were requested to assist Montville Fire Department at a structure fire on Kingdom Road. Engine 32 was assigned to water supply on Bog Road with two Morrill Fire Department members. Tanker 35 and a crew of two were put into rotation hauling water to the scene. Two more Morrill firefighters joined members of the Montville, Searsmont, Liberty and Freedom departments extinguishing the fire. Utility 30 with two Morrill members were assigned standby duties at the Montville station with crews from Palermo and Freedom.

Thank goodness the department does not have these long nights often.

Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021, brought us freezing rain and icy roads. A town sander left the road on Higgins Hill Road. Utility 30 with Chief Rowlands and Capt. Simmons closed the western end of the road, while Safety Officer Pease and new recruit Kameron Cuthbertson closed the end of Higgins Hill Road at Route 131 with Engine 34 so that the sand truck could be retrieved safely.

Also, recently the department was called out late in the evening on a foggy night for a reported structure fire at Robbins Mill in Searsmont. Engine 32 and Tanker 35 were well on the way when the cancellation was paged. There was no fire. Yay! Utility 30 was about to leave the station with four more firefighters on board.

We have added four new firefighters; will report more about them soon.

Thank-yous are in order again to Joanne Place for her $500 match to our bottle/can redemption. Also to Wendall Ward for volunteering to help finish our air supply/storage room. He installed cove molding on all four walls. Also finally at this time to Justin Reynolds and crew for bringing power and installing lights in that same room. Thank you to all of them for stepping forward and helping their community.

We have other projects that YOU might be able to help with, cleaning, painting and some maintenance items. Contact Chief Rowlands or Jethro for more information.

Till next time, be warm, be safe.


Deepest sympathy to the families of Diane Weymouth, Arthur Jackson, Joe Harriman and Barbara Greeley in their passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Happy birthday to Levi Webster Jan. 10, Cindy Lovely Jan. 10, Mary Bishop Jan. 17, and Justin Harford Jan. 19. You all have a great birthday! Happy belated birthday to King Bishop Jan. 4.

Hope you all had a happy New Year’s Eve and stayed safe. I’m hoping 2022 is a better year.

As I write this it’s snowing with mixed rain and we are suppose to get between 6 and 10 inches, then we start getting freezing cold next week. Just remember in a couple of months it will be getting better and closer to spring.

You all have a fabulous week and stay safe. Be happy and be kind to one another.

Love to hear from you about anything coming up or if you have a birthday — let me know.

Quote of the week

“Miracles happen every day. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.” — Jon Bon Jovi