Finishing with a 10-win, seven-loss record, the New England Patriots earned a postseason spot and gear up for the playoffs, and rematch with a divisional foe. They face the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, Jan. 15 in New York in the Wild Card round.

The Bills finished the campaign atop the American Football Conference East Division, ahead of the Patriots. The teams split two regular-season games, as each won on the road.

That leads the Courier Publications/VillageSoup sports staff to ask, in its latest poll: How will the New England Patriots do in the National Football League playoffs?

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In the previous sports poll, voters were asked how they felt after watching rookie quarterback Mac Jones through a few early games.

Forty-six-point-four percent of the voters felt he was better than in the preseason, and the Patriots were headed on the right track, while 42.9 percent said he was the franchise quarterback and the sky was the limit. Another 10.7 percent felt Jones was playing the same as he had during preseason, and that there was still work to be done.

Of course, much has changed since that poll, as Jones experienced an up-and-down season, but still led the Patriots to the playoffs.

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