Jan. 15, 1835

Sleighing never was better than it has been for several days past. Our market is thronged with sleds, &c.

Jan. 18, 1872

There came near being a terrible disaster at Hayford Hall, during the exhibition of the Stereopticon, on Friday evening. A fight was going on in the street in front, the shouts from which sounded like a cry of fire, and a panic spread among the crowded audience. All rose to their feet, and a rush for the entrance was made, some running to the stage doors, and a scene of great confusion ensued, in which several women fainted. The lecturer and other gentlemen in the audience raised their voices to assure those who were rushing out that no danger existed, and after a time allayed the fears. But it came near being a serious time.

Jan. 17, 1889

Seedmen are delivering garden seeds to our merchants for next spring’s business.

The roller skating fever has revived somewhat in this city, and Coombs’ skating rink has been well patronized of late.

Jan. 13, 1898

The moonlight nights and ice-coated streets have brought out the “bobs” in force, and the cry of r-o-a-d comes from all the hills.

Jan. 19, 1905

The Journal has received a map showing the lines of the American Telephone and Telegraph Co., which operates what are known as the “Long Distance Lines.” It shows the extent to which the telephone industry has developed and the great distance to which the human voice may now be carried. The map may be seen by those interested at The Journal office or at the Telephone Exchange.

Jan. 16, 1919

The Belfast Liberty Bell Bird Club has 66 members. It meets at the Police Court room in the city building every Thursday evening at seven o’clock. Any boy or girl ten years of age or over may become a member of the Club by procuring an application blank from the director, Frank A. Downs, and by paying the sum of three cents for a club button and guide. Parents of the club members are always welcome at the meetings. Their motto is: “Protect Our Feathered Friends,” and their pledge: “I desire to become a member of the Liberty Bell Bird Club, and promise to study and protect all song and insectivorous birds and do what I can for the club.” Sign the Liberty Bell Bird Club pledge today and help in the great work of saving the birds and thus help to reduce the high cost of living.

Jan. 13, 1921

What came near being a serious accident happened at the Rolerson crossing on Saturday, when the double team attached to a set of sleds loaded with 17 people coming from the dance at Citypoint nearly collided with a freight train drawn by two engines from Burnham. The train passed so close that the people leaped out near the tracks. The music roll belonging to Roy Carter was cut in two parts by the wheels of the engine.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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