Nonprofit CEI Women’s Business Center has launched Maine Women’s Business List, the first public directory of woman-owned businesses across Maine.

The online directory is a response to consumers, companies and organizations wanting to purchase from enterprises across the state that are owned by women. It is free to use and easy to search.

Companies listed in the directory are searchable by geography, industry or keyword. All entries are self-reported, and the Women’s Business Center encourages any business to register that is headquartered in Maine and at least 50% female-owned. This includes trans women and femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary individuals.

Open to all women-owned businesses across the state, Maine Women’s Business List already includes many in the Midcoast, including Barstow Art and Design in Liberty, Cedar Grove Sauna in Montville, Holler Soap Co. in Unity, Rescue Ranch in Unity, Bloom Maine in Belfast, Scout + Bean in Lincolnville, LooHoo in Camden, Loyal Biscuit Co. in Belfast, Camden-Rockport and Rockland, and The Grasshopper Shop, Barefoot in Denim, Tailored Living of Midcoast Maine and Bixby Chocolates, all in Rockland.

“This directory is an important tool to help lift everyone working in Maine’s economy,” Sarah Guerette, director of the CEI Women’s Business Center, said in a press release announcing the list’s December launch. “We want this resource to make it easy to transact with woman owned businesses in our state because their success will ripple throughout their workplaces, their families, and ultimately their communities.

“Our hope is that the Maine Women’s Business List will help increase the visibility of women in business in Maine, as well as help us understand them and their needs better.”

To date there are approximately 300 Maine-based, woman-owned businesses on the list. When a business registers, the registrant is prompted to answer a series of questions that will help contribute to data about the power of female entrepreneurship in Maine.

While anyone, anywhere can search Maine Women’s Business List, the directory is also designed to be used as a tool to help Maine’s female entrepreneurs connect with each other and perhaps discover business synergies.

All women who own Maine businesses are urged to visit Maine Women’s Business List and register at

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