I received a lovely note and an article about opossums from a reader in Freedom. I also had a reader stop me in the store to talk about ‘possums. It seems “Owen” now has a cult following. He did make an appearance for supper a couple of nights ago: I was without leftovers, so he had to settle for a peanut butter sandwich. I didn’t know he was on the porch and he quickly scurried off under the steps. He came back a little later to grab his dinner “to go.”

I participated in a Zoom meeting with the legislative committee on transportation regarding a bill I submitted to Sen. Chip Curry that he in turn sponsored. It was very easy to participate so I would encourage you to check out the state website to see what bills are being debated and decided. Sarah Reynolds is writing an article for the Journal regarding the proposed bill and as I kidded her this morning, “Good! It saves me from a lot of writing.”

Eighty-five animals were inoculated against rabies at the clinic held in Troy on Jan. 12. What a huge success! Thank you to the volunteers who made it happen.

The Open Door serves a delicious lunch every Thursday starting at 11 a.m. It is held at the Unity Food Pantry and is “drive-thru” style. If you are unable to get out, delivery arrangements can be made.

Ice ice baby! Looks great for the upcoming Unity Pond Ice Oval races to be held Jan. 29, Feb. 12 and Feb. 26. The local airbnbs are filling up for those dates with people coming from hours away to participate and spectate. I understand the Jackson Food Pantry will be there serving hot beverages and food to benefit their pantry.

I dislike using the word “hate.” But it’s fair to say I hate being cold. Thank you, Aunt Rosemary, for the alpaca socks!



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