BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 30, 2021, through Jan. 5 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Cynthia F. Schaub to Dan Miller and Amy Miller.

Bucklin Family Trust to Rosamond C. Peters and Ronald M. Mitchell Jr.

Brock John Gordon to Adam Richard Gordon.

Dan Miller and Amy Miller to Timothy Flynn Poulin and Andrew C. Herrmann.

Adam Richard Gordon to Adam Richard Gordon.

Merton Weed Jr. to Robert B. Lazare and Karen L. Lazare.

David C. Hutchings to Armand Vincent Barbe and Shulamith Barbe.

James Kenneth Rose Revocable Trust and James Kenneth Rose to Seal Pup Cottage LLC.

Meredith Jones and Dana Paul Murch to Ricardo Mark Yturregui


Belmont Self Storage LLC to Belmont All Purpose Storage LLC.


Henry S. Lawler Sr. Living Trust to Jeffrey Anderson.


Arthur Ashley to Rachel Flaherty, Aidan Flaherty and Greta Flaherty.

Clyde B. Doolittle Est. to Constance A. Doolittle.

Barbara Bahrt Smith, Clint A. Worden, Rachel C. Smith and Jennifer R. Smith to Islesboro Islands Trust.


Gail P. Kenney, Deborah Quinn and Susan St. Pierre to Susan St. Pierre, Gail P. Penney and Deborah Quinn.

Josephine D. Bohlke Est. to Patrick T. Jackson and Kristen F. Lie-Nielsen.

Wayne A. Smith to Elizabeth A. Smith.


Gary W. Neville and Elaine Huber-Neville to Rebecca Warner Neville.


Steven M. Story and Toni K. Story to Derek Nils Granquist and Danielle Granquist.

Diane S. Inman to Bucktail LLC.


Dalene A. Beaulieu and Dalene A. Dutton to Lisa L. Pellecchia and Kathleen E. Pellecchia.

Ryan D. Jackson to Randall Hallmark.


Dusty L. Haskell and Pamela M. Haskell to Reggie French.

Travis M. Hegstrom and Susan A. Leeman-Martin to Adam Soto and Tonya Harmon.


Aiden S. Keen to Bobby Morton and Toni Morton.


Morgan L. Bartlett and Morgan L. Clark to Randolph S. Berry and Lynne A. Berry.


Spencer G. Garvin to Craig Gonyer and Karen Hayward.

Jane M. Stahl Revocable Trust to Matthew W. Stahl.

Zhang Yuanxiang and Shaomei Liang to Yujun Mei.

Kenneth C. Murphy to Kenneth C. Murphy and Rita J. Murphy.


Wayne A. Smith to Elizabeth A. Smith.


James L. Richards, Elyzabeth Richards and Elyzabeth Michaud to Adam Katz.

Beulah Colby to Aaron L. Colby.

Beulah Colby to Matthew W. Gray.


Johnathan L. MRO to Damien Rocha.

Mark Ogden to BRD LLC.


Theresa Ellen Fairbanks Woods and Theresa Woods to Rebecca Cox.


Craig E. Cullins to Craig E. Cullins, Gerry E. Cullins and Sharon D. Cullins.

John Walker to Barbara Jean Nadeau.