MONTVILLE — State Rep. Stanley Paige Zeigler, D-Montville, announced Jan. 17 that he is running for reelection in new House District 40, seeking to represent the people of Appleton, Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill and Searsmont.

The three-term incumbent currently represents District 96, which consists of the Waldo County towns of Belmont, Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill, Palermo and Searsmont. As a result of the 2020 Census and subsequent redistricting, his district has been reconfigured as House District 40. It includes the Knox County town of Appleton, currently part of District 95 (Warren, Hope, Appleton and part of Union), represented by William D. Pluecker, I-Warren. The towns of Hope, Union and Warren will constitute new House District 44.

The new District 40 also includes Islesboro. The Waldo County island municipality and the Knox County towns of Camden and Rockport currently make up House District 94, represented by Democrat Vicki Doudera of Camden. As redistricted, Camden and Rockport together form new House District 41.

In the redistricted Legislature, Belmont will move to new District 39, together with Belfast and Northport.

Palermo will become the sole Waldo County town in new District 62, joining the Lincoln County communities of Hibberts Gore and Somerville, and the Kennebec County municipalities of China and Windsor.

In announcing that he will seek a fourth term in the Legislature, Zeigler said he is “looking forward to getting to know the residents of Appleton and Islesboro and continuing to serve the residents of Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill and Searsmont.”

Before joining the Legislature, Zeigler spent 34 years in the Merchant Marine as a seaman and eventually rising to captain. Before going to sea, he worked as a teacher, professional logger, resident director for a Maine technical college, an ambulance attendant and a night counselor for a residential drug program.

Since retiring from the sea, he has chaired the Regional School Unit 3 Board of Directors, and currently chairs the nonprofit Unity Area Regional Recycling Center.

In the Legislature, Zeigler has served on the Energy, Utilities & Technology, Environment & Natural Resources, and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife committees. He received a bachelor’s degree from Dickinson College and attended graduate school at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine.

In his announcement, Zeigler said he will continue to work on affordable health insurance, workforce development and education for the 21st century, affordable, clean renewable energy, a healthy environment, maintenance of Maine’s infrastructure, affordable broadband, a fair and equitable tax system and “making our state resilient to face the future.”

Since 1985, Zeigler and his wife have lived in Montville in their owner-built home.