STOCKTON SPRINGS — Andrew Donald has played ice hockey since he was 8 years old.

He has played travel hockey at the Midcoast Recreation Center in Rockport since that time and, as a freshman and sophomore, was the goalie for the Midcoast Ice Cats, a cooperative team for high schools in Knox, Waldo, Lincoln and Kennebec counties.

Donald’s junior season was wiped out due to COVID-19, although he did practice and play non-varsity games with Camden Hills of Rockport. His senior season was in danger of the same fate as the Ice Cats did not form a team this winter, as previous players had graduated or lost interest.

Suddenly, Donald, a Searsport District High School student, was a player without a team.

So, instead of going south for the winter, Donald migrated North.

The 17-year-old Donald plays for Brewer, roughly 30 miles north of SDHS. Or rather, Brewer/Searsport, as the schools signed a cooperative agreement so Donald could join the Witches.

Thus far, Donald has played in four of the team’s six games and held a 90.3 save percentage through three games (statistics on the team’s Jan. 19 game against Bangor were unavailable).

As of Jan. 20, Brewer/Searport was 1-5 on the season.

“Andrew is a valuable team member and we are extremely happy that he chose to play for Brewer High School,” said Brewer/Searsport coach Lance Ingerson. “He has played extremely well and, more importantly, has been a great teammate. He is well respected by his teammates and they know he will support them at all times. We are happy to have him on the team and look forward to the rest of the season.”

Donald began as a goalie from the onset, largely because he “loved the gear as a goalie when I first started” and “have loved it ever since.”

Last spring, Donald made the Brewer 18u Tier 2 team, which held its season last fall. That “opened the door for the opportunity to play on the Brewer High School team,” he said.

“My 18u coach Denis Collins suggested I contact Brewer High School to see what options I had since I had no other options for high school hockey,” said Donald. “The process involved both schools coming to an agreement to form a coop team, which I am very grateful for both schools’ efforts in making this happen.”

Donald also plays soccer and baseball for the Vikings. He is a defensive midfielder for the soccer team and an outfielder on the school’s state Class D championship baseball team.

While he waits for the chance to defend the school’s state diamond title in the spring, he hopes to continue to be a consistent presence between the pipes for his team to the north.

“I really enjoy the team,” he said. “We work hard together, and it has been a great experience to play for Brewer High School.”