Frankfort residents continue to speculate upon the nature of the recent robbery at the Wentworth Family Grocery in Frankfort Village. All we can determine from the media is that a robbery occurred and other than that, we are left to wonder.

The big news in Frankfort as well as throughout the state is the Arctic airmass hovering over us. It’s frigid, with daytime temperatures only in the single numbers and nighttime readings below zero.

Mainers have experienced a string of mild winters and consequently, have come to expect mild conditions, citing climate change as the cause. Well, here’s news. Cold winters have returned and we’d better get used to it. After all, this is still Maine in January and the reality is, it’s the coldest time of year. So put another log on the fire and bundle up, because it looks like the cold isn’t going away any time soon.

The men’s group from Frankfort Congregational Church had its monthly breakfast at Warren’s Restaurant in Bucksport last Friday. It was chillingly cold that morning, but warm inside. We enjoyed our get-together and look forward to February’s outing. Perhaps it will have warmed a bit by then.

Perchin’ prediction

A buddy wants me to go ice fishing with him, but I’m not budging until the mercury reaches 30 degrees. It’s no longer fun to stand on the ice and shiver.

History note

The following excerpt from the Jan. 20, 1911, edition of the Bangor Daily News shows that sub-zero cold is nothing new to Frankfort: “The thermometer registered 20 degrees below zero at the granite works Wednesday morning. Work was suspended for the day.”

Weekly quote

“The provident farmer by Candlemas Day has half his wood and half his hay.” — Old English saying. Candlemas Day falls on Feb. 2, Groundhog Day.