I was so sorry to hear of Steve Shaw’s passing. I believe his obituary is running online now and will appear in the Jan. 27 issue of The Republican Journal.

He certainly was a presence in his community. Many knew him from his Mount View High School association. He was a football coach — instrumental in helping that program get off the ground — and was omnipresent around school in a variety of capacities. Outside school, he and Bonnie were good family friends, as well.

In lieu of flowers, Steve’s family set up a GoFundMe that would benefit two charities close to Steve’s heart: the Mount View Football Boosters organization, and the Riley Boulay Scholarship Fund. As of writing this early on Jan. 20, the GoFundMe has blown past its goal of $1,000, by raising $2,700 from 41 donors. What a testament to Steve’s life! You can donate at tinyurl.com/stevenshaw.

I recently saw the headline announcing Krysta Porter, Mount View class of 2016, as the school’s new athletic director. She has analogized the job to “living her dream.” That’s awesome, Krysta — thanks for coming back home!

Speaking of a recent Mount View grad, Catherine and I started Sophia at the “Curious Caterpillar” daycare, on Route 3 in Augusta. Our first impression was quite favorable. It is run by Emily Radenour, Mount View class of 2012. As happens often these days, we both pulled the “Hey, your name sounds familiar, did you go to Mount View?” routine. At Sophia’s first drop-off, my nerves were calmed by seeing Sophia immediately smile at one of the daycare’s employees.

Finally, the Freedom Rec and Boosters Committee is running an online fundraiser. If you are looking for some fine cutlery, you can go to this link (https://radafundraising.com/?rfsn=4716641.0f5987), but make sure you note that you are supporting the Boosters.