Hello All,

Well the below-zero temps are not for me. The birds are hitting the feeders hard. They like the sunflower seeds, suet and cracked corn I put out. Have been happy to see two pairs of cardinals show up and feed. The squirrels showing up are plump, so I know they are eating good. I have a fox showing up, too. Marilyn, my sister helps me keep them fed and helps me out. I am so thankful for her.

A fire struck in nearby Unity

Very sad seeing the videos and pictures that meant the end of the Amish Community Store on Route 220. They have announced through Dane that they will rebuild as soon as possible. (He does the website for them on Facebook.) Donations may be sent to Downeast Credit Union Bank, P.O. Box 760, Unity, ME 04988, or direct to Bishop Caleb Stoll, 368 Thorndike Road, Unity ME 04988. I hope they are soon back in operation.

Also, the Amish Palmer Hill Farms has plenty of fresh milk, cream and eggs every day for sale. Located at 213 Palmer Hill in Thorndike, there’s a sign. Nathan will help you out. They used the store to sell their products, too. Please try to support them. Keeping all in our thoughts at this time that they soon rebound.

Young wrestlers 

At a recent meet and tournament Aiden Serrano got a first place tie, and his brother Vin a third place. Congrats to these brothers.

Recent birthday

A happy birthday to Gabe Doughty who celebrated his 19th birthday on Jan. 20.


Our condolences to the families of Madeline H. McAvey, Steven Shaw, Carlene Neal, Vicki Rogers and Brian Thompson, who passed recently. May they rest in peace.

New athletic director

Was nice to see 23-year-old Krysta Porter back to Mount View High School, where she graduated from. Good luck to her!

In town

Cassandra Palmer-Thompson has a jewelry-making business, Firefly Creations. She attends craft fairs and has a site on Facebook. Look for her nice pieces she hand-makes.

Coming up soon

On Saturday, Jan. 29, the Unity Pond Ice Ovals will have their first race at 10 a.m. Bundle up and go watch or race. They are on Facebook for rules, etc. The field to park in has been plowed and ready. See Darren Doughty for info.

Needs a helping hand

Russell Mitchell of Troy, who usually sells and processes firewood from his business, hasn’t been able to do that since his cancer. He will be undergoing radiation treatments for eight weeks now. There is a GoFundMe set up for him and Vicki. If you’d like to donate direct, send checks to him at 814 Bangor Road, Troy, ME 04987.

Big birthday

A happy 82nd birthday to Racin’ Ralph Nason!!!

Feeding the deer

Folks have been putting out food for the deer. Always good to see them. Plenty of wild turkeys out there as well.

Five simple rules to be happy

Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worries, Live simply, give more, expect less.

Until next week,

Hoping you’re all staying safe and warm. The virus is spreading a lot to folks. Take care.


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