BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 13 through Jan. 19 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Roland A. Littlefield to James W. Facey and Jacqueline S. Facey.

Patricia Smith to Patricia A. Smith and Michael J. Lauretano.

Lloyd H. Wentworth Est. to Lloyd Wentworth Revocable Trust.

Earl M. L. Beard and Elaine M. Albright to Robert K. Bowen and Sandra J. Bowen.

Richard W. Hawksley to Paul Drnec and Alece Drnec.

Phani Kumar Lagudu to Elsa Alehandra Garza Rodrigues and Phani Kumar Lagudu.

Chris J. Gardei to Lucretia E. Yentes and Seth W. D. Yentes.

Brian Hughes to Jenny L. Siebenhaar.


Anita L. Grass to Jeffrey A. Grass.


Samantha Fife to David W. LePage.

Samantha Fife to Dale A. Thomas Jr. and Patsy B. A. Thomas.

Randy George Leeman to Ashli A. Pelletier.


Michael Shaw and Theresa Shaw to Alan J. Rawson and Sherry S. Rawson.


Alexia Leuschen to David M. Leuschen.

Jeffrey Hurd and Carrie Hurd to Jonathan S. Dove and April F. Dove.


Douglas J. Barlow to Douglas J. Barlow and Robert A. Barlow.

Clyde B. Kenyon and Myra L. Kenyon to Claes Hermanson and Heather Hermanson.


Mila C. Webster and Mila C. Lynch to Joan Knight, Stephen Goodwin and Krystal Goodwin.


Carl A. Von Saltza to Morgan G. Block and Benjamin F. Block.

Randall H. Collins and Patricia J. Collins to Collins Family Living Trust.


Nancy L. Snow to Earle Jellison and Deborah Jellison.

Linda B. Martel Est. to Hemeon Homestead Trust.

Scott Crockett and Erin Crockett to Stuart A. Hall and Ladonna J. Bruce.


Jacklyn D. Alger and Jacklyn Dee Moody to Joshua J. Moody.

Joshua E. Oxley to Timothy John Devin, Anne Marie Devin and Anne Marie Weinberg.

Anne Marie Devin and Anne Marie Weinberg to Timothy John Devin.


Wade F. Curry and June M. Curry to Jennifer M. Vitry and Emily Posner.


Ellen M. Clemetson to Thomas Clemetson and Michael Clemetson.


Janet C. Vera Est. to Daniel Morrison.

Vincent M. Abaldo to Svea V. Tullberg.


Ruby A. Reilly and Timothy A. Reilly to Alfonse Moscato, Phillip P. Carucci and Nickolas P. Thron.

Phillip J. Hibbard and Julie D. Hubbard to Shawn Curtis Fanjoy and Alicia Hope Fanjoy.

Daniel C. Newman and Haley M. Newman to Amy Hayes and Lindsey Cotter.


Donald Fredrick Lucas and Patricia L. Lucas to Patricia L. Lucas.

Calvary Chapel Belfast to Judson Colby and Chayann Colby.


Eric D. Lowell to Robert J. Lowell and Laura L. Lowell.


Searsport Realty Trust to Freedon 45 LLC.

Kirk P. Linder to Kpink LLC.

Craig J. Garofalo and Stephanie K. Garofalo to Penobscot Retreat LLC


Michael B. Roberts to Pauline Madeleine Barthelemy Manon.

Jeffrey L. Underwood and Karen L. Underwood to Tyler Francia, Tibor Francia and Trent Francia.


Crystal Howard-Doliber and Tamera Howard-Doliber to Crystal D. Howard-Doliber Living Trust.

Cynthia Yoakum to Howard R. Witterman and Dana G. Witterman.


Valerie J. LeFebvre and Zachary J. M. LeFebvre to David J. Terry and Tammy L. Bodge-Terry.


Joseph Bird to Rosemarie Hubbard.

Chad H. Tozier to Unity Rentals LLC.


William J. Pelrine Est to Selah LLC.


William J. Pelrine to Christina W. Pickering and Matthew E. Markiewicz.


Linda R. Bright to Ralph M. Cole and Travis Cole.