Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District and Waldo County SWCD have joined forces on the newly developed Conservation Landscape Certification Program. This program will help participants implement conservation practices in a systematic way, measure their progress and share their experiences with neighbors, friends, and family. An hour-long free online event will be held on Feb. 17 at 4:30 p.m. to learn how this new program can help participants increase the conservation value of their property.

Completion of the certification includes:

A certificate and document that could support conservation projects with NRCS or state agencies.

A sign indicating the participant’s property is certified, which is a great way to start conversations with others about conservation efforts.

Recognition as a Certified Conservationist in the Soil & Water Conservation District annual journals and annual meetings (each district respectively).

It’s likely the immediate reward will be the chance to watch birds and wildlife inhabiting the land, feeding, and raising young, and seeing beautiful changes in the landscape.

Registration is required to receive Zoom link. For more information about the CLC program and to register, visit; call 596-2040 or email