We are on a bagel binge at the moment, happy to see a new local business, Spark Bagel from Monroe. The “Everything” bagel is our favorite, with cinnamon-raisin a close second. Sadly, Hannford’s still struggles to keep shelves full, so finding a block of Philly cream cheese has become a challenge.

Town meeting

Jackson town meeting is coming up next month, on Saturday, March 19, at 9:30 a.m. The meeting will again be set up at the Jackson Community Center in such a way as to accommodate everyone with COVID concerns.

The voting box table and clerks will be set in the wide doorway between the two rooms. The outside entrances to each room will be open, the dance hall room will be “masks optional” and the kitchen room will be “masks required.” This will hopefully allow all who want to attend to feel comfortable. There will be access to the voting box by all, and it is within sight of all. There will be a microphone system set up so that speakers from the stage will be heard clearly in both rooms.

ATV trails

The discussion continues amongst local residents and the Jackson Wheel & Ski Club. There will be an informational meeting held on Tuesday, March 1, at 6 p.m. at the Jackson Community Center. This will be an opportunity to share thoughts and concerns about reposting those roads permitted by the Select Board for ATV use last fall.

Town Office

As of the Select Board meeting on Jan. 25, there were still 44 unlicensed dogs in Jackson — hope the state isn’t getting all that money for late fees! You may have noticed that the town website is a bit out of date. The good news is that our IT guy at Belfast Computers is working on getting us access again so it can be kept current and therefore a useful tool for town information.

WCAP & Jackson

In our town Annual Report, you’ll notice that each year we vote on giving money to local organizations for community resources. Waldo Community Action Partners is very active in our community. It is an organization that we both support and benefit from as a town. In Jackson, during the year 2021, WCAP provided 31 households with home energy assistance. Fifteen households received COVID rent relief. Twenty-five individuals benefited from housing programs such as weatherization, home repair and housing counseling. Forty individuals received a variety of community service programs such as Heroes for Hunger and Neighbor for Neighbor. It’s good to know that we are working together to provide assistance where needed in our community.

Retirement congrats!

A big shout-out to Nancy Patrick on her retirement from Waldo County General Hospital! Nancy is retiring after 23 years as a registered radiographer. Many of you, no doubt, will have come across her most recently in the WCGH mammography department. Wishing her many relaxing years to come.