Hello All,

I didn’t even realize it was news time for me. I did get the trash out to the curb. Guess I was concentrating on the snowstorm coming in Saturday morning. I hope all will stay safe and warm. Check on the elderly neighbors.

Get well to those with COVID, and having cold-like symptoms. I’m glad it is not worse.

Be aware things seem to disappear and strangers lurking around.


A special congrats to Hannah Coolen of Mount View High School on getting her 1000th point playing in basketball. So special for her and her family. Way to go, only the second Mustang lady to do so.

Unity Pond Ice Ovals

The nor’easter canceled the Ice Ovals races scheduled for Jan. 29, but the schedule tentatively sets upcoming races for Feb. 12 (possible night race), Feb. 20 and Feb. 26, depending on weather and ice.


There were two goats Thursday evening at Kerry Merrifield’s place and we wondered where they showed up from.

Feel better to Little Chance Cunningham. Prayers and love for him.

Until next week,

Be kind if you can be anything.



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