BELFAST — Robert Edward “Bob” Day, was born in Kezar Falls Aug. 25, 1941. On Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, Bob passed away in the evening near his home.

Bob is survived by his wife, Susan; daughter Ruby; and sisters Vicky Brown and Lois McFarlin. Bob was predeceased by his parents, Ruby and Floyd Day, and sister Gracie Graves.

Even strangers around Belfast recognized Bob as the man with the blue fedora. He was an integral member of the community. He was a hard worker by nature. As a child he hunted, fished and cleaned to support his family. As an adult, Bob worked countless jobs, including as a foreman, logger and clammer. He also worked at both the potato and chicken factories in Belfast.

There was no limit to Bob’s love. Over the course of his life, he helped raise countless children. Some were related to him, many were not. To all of these children he was known as “Papa”; his love for them was without bounds. Bob was well known at Gibbs Trailer Park, where he lived for many years and where he helped raise countless kids, including his beloved granddaughter, Amber Ripley. He ensured that they were fed, clothed, housed and loved. It was common for Bob to take in family and friends who were down on their luck. He would lend them a hand. If someone needed life advice, they knew Papa would be available to talk.

Bob was loyal not only to his human friends, but also to all of the squirrels and birds that visited his animal sanctuary, aka his backyard. After cooking his famous corn chowder, boiled dinner or chop suey, Bob could be found out in the yard putting up another bird feeder and tossing peanuts to the squirrels. He thoroughly enjoyed the companionship of animals and loved to spoil his cat, Misha, and dog, Ginger Cupcake, with treats and attention. Ginger would trail Bob around the house barking fiercely to let him know it was time for another treat. Bob’s heart was so soft that he invariably gave in to Ginger’s demands.

Bob will be sorely missed by all of his friends and family. A memorial service will take place in the summer near clamflats where Bob spent many years harvesting clams with his best friend, Kean “Kippy” Ripley, and wife Sue.

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