UNITY —  Fire destroyed a pickup truck parked at Mammie’s Country Kitchen on Depot Street shortly before noon Wednesday, according to Fire Chief Blaine Parsons.

The Fire Department responded to the restaurant Feb. 2; dispatch reported possible ammunition going off inside the vehicle. According to Parsons, the cause of the fire is undetermined, but he noted the vehicle had been idling for an extended  period. The owner of the restaurant called in the fire, which destroyed the Ford Super Duty pickup owned by David Stevens of Unity. 

After further investigation, Parsons said, there was loose ammunition inside the vehicle; however, the noises heard in the area were tires exploding from the fire’s heat. Once the Fire Department arrived, they quickly put it out.

There was some heat damage to a car parked beside the Ford, but Parsons said it was still drivable. 

According to the chief, safety and prevention tips for car fires include pulling over as soon as you can do so safely, turning off the engine, getting everyone out of the car and at least 100 feet away. Do not attempt to open the hood, do not go back for cellphones or anything else, and call 911 right away.