Over the last two weeks we’ve gotten over 2 feet of snow and have held pretty steady with overnight lows well below zero. We had two mornings when our weather station reported a low of -19. One pesky pipe in the back bathroom that hasn’t frozen since we put the heat pump in freezes at that temperature. Thankfully they’re PVC pipes but it’s still a pain.

This morning we awoke to more snow. Monty wanted to read a book when he woke up and we sat down and looked out and saw a barred owl at eye level in the edge of the trees. Monty loves owls but has never seen one in person. What a magical opportunity to observe it up close but without disturbing it. We had 10 minutes of good viewing before it swooped down out of sight. It probably hunted a songbird off our window feeder, unfortunately.

A pileated woodpecker perches on a feeder at the Ellis home in Waldo. Courtesy of Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis emailed me with pictures of a resident pileated woodpecker on their feeder. We usually see them around here in the spring, but I have never seen one on a feeder! I had been thinking for a while that this was a boring bird winter but today made up for it.

I was having a conversation this week with someone who has been around much longer than I have, and he observed that there’s a lot more wildlife here than there used to be. I have observed this even in just the six years I have lived here. He also told me that where my house sits used to be a shingle mill. I had no idea, but I like learning about the history here and feeling more connected because of it.

Have a great week ahead; it’s a good time to get in some skiing and snowshoeing!



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