BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 20 through Jan. 26 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Nina S. Hirshchman Living Trust to Stephanie Wade.

Shannon B. Christensen and Geoffrey S. Christensen to Bruce Werner Family Trust.

Martha A. Albert, Lillian F. Stone and Frederick W. Shemann Jr. to Kevin D. Crosby and Glenice Elkins.

Steven Cartwright to Stephanie Williams.

Eunice R. Palmer Est. to Diane Bergey and Eric R. Palmer.

Block 36LLC to Old Belfast Shipyard LLC.

Jessie M. Costello to Jeffrey M. Silva and Janet T. Silva.


Julia H. Charlton and Jeffrey L. Robertson to Robert K. Allen.


Earl E. Baker to RSA Properties LLC.

William H. Oherin to Lilyanna Sollberger and Mael Drew-Morin.


Raymond C. Fort Jr. Est. to Barbara J. W. Cole and Timothy M. Cole.

Fred L. Thomas Jr. and Brenda Thomas to Alexandra Wolff.

Mark A. Fruehauf Est. to Carrie Reed.


Ralph D. Johnston and Elaine L. Johnston to Paul D. Teigeler and Nancy J. Culver.


ZR Management LLC to DB Hotel LLC.

Kristi Hardy-Gilson and Douglas L. Gilson.

Kristi J. Hardy-Gilson and Douglas L. Gilson to Kristi J. Hardy-Gilson and Douglas L. Gilson.

Beverly R. Black Revocable Trust to Deborah B. Doebener.

John A. Black Revocable Trust to Deborah B. Doebener.

Cynthia Z. Lao to Arie F. & Jennelle L. Coles Revocable Trust.


Constance M. Allen to Dennis McIntosh and Carmen McIntosh.

Constance M. Allen to Laurence S. Duclos and Dawna S. Duclos.


Thomas A. Peacock Revocable Trust to Thomas A Peacock.

Thomas A. Peacock to Thomas A. Peacock Revocable Trust.

Albert W. Scovern III and Diane R. Follingstad to Marianne Falk Revocable Trust.

Daniel Morrison to Daniel Morrison and Tinsley Morrison.


Richard R. Tyler to Nathan Schuster and Victoria Schuster.


Kathleen E. McFarland to Douglas G. McFarland II.

Douglas G. McFarland II to Sandy Point Stay LLC.


Wayne A. Smith and Elizabeth A. Smith to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.


Bear Mountain LLC to Andrew Roberts.


Anthony P. Teodosio and Joseph Teodosio Jr. to Anthony P. Teodosio and Joseph Teodosio Jr.


Garrett L. Morrison Est. to Thomas W. Hayden and Amy I. Hayden.


Megan E. Wellman to Michael K. Wellman.

Megan E. Wellman to Michael K. Wellman.

Bruce Werner Family Trust to Kathlene B. Prybylla and Jennifer M. Prybylla.

Robert L. Emerson Est. to Fawn M. Emerson.

Kim Marie Blake to Kyle Allen Moore.

Trent E. Souder to George W. Jordon  Jr. and Judith V. Kirk.