The blaze orange frost heave warning signs are out on Route 7. Bright blue-sky days with mild temperatures have me realizing the sun is higher in the sky now (long stretches of gray days make it difficult to notice). The sunshine and the break from the cold are a relief. I opened a window for the first time in months, and thought about how much more I enjoy life when there’s fresh air coming in through the windows.

I wonder if anyone has started tapping their trees yet? We have a young, scrappy maple tree behind the house that flowers before any of the others each year. It’s a mystery to me. It doesn’t get particularly great light and certainly not more than others, and there are lots of other young maples near it. I looked out this week to see it already putting out buds.

I talk like it’s nearly April rather than mid-February. I suppose it’s the constant observing; looking for the edge of spring; that gets me through winter. On Saturday, Feb. 12, sunset was at 5:01 p.m., which always feels like a milestone to me; are we through the worst of it? I’m sure the old-timers (or anyone without a small child at home) are rolling their eyes.

Budget talks are happening at Select Board meetings. Road maintenance discussions are ongoing, as well as possible changes to Waldo’s Fire Department (which, admittedly, I did not know existed until a recent article came out). I hope we don’t sacrifice the progress we’ve made toward broadband in Waldo.

Let me know what’s new or good on your side of town. Have a great week ahead.

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