Midcoast high school wrestling teams were in search of individual and team success on the mats on Saturday, Feb. 12 in regional competitions across the state.

And many — including grapplers from Belfast, Oceanside of Rockland, Mount View of Thorndike, Camden Hills of Rockport and Medomak Valley of Waldoboro — got a bit of both.

Oceanside’s Gavin Ripley, left, and his twin sister, Maddie, right, sit with high school wrestling coach Jason Yates as they hold their weight class scoresheets at the Class B South meet. The siblings won regional titles. Photo courtesy of Daphne Ripley

In total, six area individual regional champions were crowned and 26 mat athletes qualified for the state championships on Saturday, Feb. 19.

In the Class B North regional at Belfast Area High School, the host Lions finished second among 15 squads and saw Hagen Chase and Kaden Bonin secure individual titles in the 106- and 132-pound weight classes.

In the Class B South regional at Fryeburg Academy, Oceanside finished fifth and Medomak Valley ninth among 13 teams, while Mariners Maddie Ripley and Gavin Ripley — twin siblings — pinned down titles in the 113- and 126-pound weight classes.

And in the Class A North regional at Nokomis Regional High School of Newport, Camden Hills finished third among 12 teams, as Julian Henderson and Henry Pharris collected regional titles in the 120- and 182-pound classes. Pharris also secured his 100th career win, which is remarkable after high school wrestling in Maine was sidelined last year due to the pandemic.

Qualifying mat athletes, those who finished among the top four in their weight divisions at the regionals, from Oceanside, Belfast, Medomak Valley and Mount View will compete at the state Class B championships at Morse of Bath, while the Windjammers will compete at the state Class A championships at Mount Ararat of Topsham.

Those events begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

The following is a breakdown of regional results for area athletes:

Class B North

For the Lions, Hagen Chase (1st at 106 pounds), Ryker Evans (2nd at 113), Connor Fournier (3rd at 120), Kaden Bonin (1st at 132), David Anderson (3rd at 138), Zepherin Leppanen (3rd at 145), Francesco Martin (2nd at 152) and Gabe Kelley (2nd at 160) qualified for the state meet.

For the Mustangs, Josiah Miller (4th at 126), Anthony Mathous (3rd at 182), Garrett Dunton (4th at 220) and Riley Bryant (4th at 285) qualified for the state meet.

The team scores were: Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln 185.5, Belfast 157, Dexter 126, Piscataquis of Guilford 93.5, Bucksport 89, Foxcroft Academy of Dover-Foxcroft 86, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 78, Ellsworth 61, Mount View of Thorndike 51, Fort Kent 50, Old Town 36, Woodland 13, Caribou 10, Washington Academy of East Machias 6 and Mount Desert Island 5.

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers were:

106 pounds — Hagan Chase, Bel, pinned Kael Niland, FA; and beat Garrett Tibbetts, Dex, 8-4, in the championship final. Chase finished first.

113 pounds — Ryker Evans, Bel, pinned Nathan Durgin, FA; and was pinned by Deegan Tidswell, MA, in the championship final: Evans finished second.

120 pounds — Connor Fournier, Bel, pinned Izzy Lamb, WA; was pinned by Jack Desjardins, FK; pinned Rebecca Seaman, FA; and pinned Luke Horne, Ells, in the consolation final. Fournier finished third.

126 pounds — Josiah Miller, MtV, was pinned by Blaine Gould, Dex; pinned Siobhan Duffy, WA; pinned Jazmyne Rines, Buck; beat Molly Sipple, PCHS, 6-3; and lost to Gould, Dex, 7-5, in the consolation final. Miller finished fourth.

Anna Pontillo, Bel, was pinned by Keith Cook, MCI; and lost to Jocelyn Parlin, Car, 5-3.

132 pounds — Kaden Bonin, Bel, pinned Jamie Bryant, Wood; pinned Kaleb Nightengale, Buck; and beat Karson Tibbetts, PCHS, 10-0, in the championshipl final. Bonin finished first.

138 pounds — David Anderson, Bel, pinned Landen Moutinho, Car; pinned Kyle Lund, WA; was pinned by Isaac Kersey, MCI; pinned Austin Jean, FK; and pinned Grayson Mote, Ells, in the consolation final. Anderson finished third.

145 pounds — Zepherin Leppanen, Bel, pinned Noaeh Collins, Wood; pinned Carter Desjardins, FK; was pinned by Samuel Charles, OT; pinned Dhane Smith, Buck; and pinned Maddox Tash, MA, in the consolation final. Leppanen finished third.

152 pounds — Francesco Martin, Bel, pinned Gibson Ouellette, FK; pinned Brayden Flagg, Dex; and was pinned by Skylar Gibbs, FA, in the championship final. Martin finished second.

160 pounds — Gabe Kelley, Bel, pinned Kasey Findlay, Buck; pinned Dominic Hamm, Ells; pinned Emmett Fitch, MA; and lost to Gage Beaudry, FA, 8-7, in the championship final. Kelley finished second.

170 pounds — Aedan Bennett, MtV, was pinned by Jackson Sutherland, MA; and was pinned by Zac Crabtree, WA.

182 pounds — Anthony Mathous, MtV, pinned Hunter LeBlanc, Bel; was pinned by Isaac Hanier, MA; pinned Josh Wedge, MDI; and pinned Freddie Beam, Dex, in the consolation final. Mathous finished third.

Hunter LeBlanc, Bel, was pinned by Anthony Mathous, MtV; and was also pinned by Isaac Tinkle, OT.

195 pounds — Jackson LaPierre, Bel, pinned Dominic Cookson, PCHS; was pinned by Nathan Schobel, Dex; and was pinned by Kloee Moore, OT.

220 pounds — Garrett Dunton, MtV, was pinned by James Dube, MA; pinned Gracie Talbot, PCHS; pinned Philip Bagley, FA; pinned Casey-Ryan McDonald, Ells; and lost to James Dube, MA, 15-5, in the consolation final. Dunton finished fourth.

285 pounds — Riley Bryant, MtV, pinned Garret Chase, FA; lost to Gage Sinclair, Dex, 6-2; pinned Beau Talbot, PCHS; and lost to Chase, FA, 2-1, in the consolation final. Bryant finished fourth.

Class B South

For the Mariners, Maddie Ripley (1st at 113 pounds), Phoenix Martinez (2nd at 120), Gavin Ripley (1st at 126) and Kael Sidelinger (3rd at 160) qualified for the state meet.

For the Panthers, Xavier Woodbury (3rd at 170), Jame Rose (4th at 195) and Marshall Addy (2nd at 220) qualified for the state meet.

The team scores were: Mountain Valley of Rumford 177.5, Wells 162, Morse of Bath 117, York 113.5, Oceanside 73, Erskine Academy of South China 68.5, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle 54, Dirigo of Dixfield 48, Medomak Valley 47, Winslow 43.5, Fryeburg Academy 41.5, Monmouth Academy/Richmond 25 and Lisbon of Lisbon Falls/Oak Hill of Wales 3.

The individual Midcoast results included:

113 pounds — Maddie Ripley, Ocean, pinned Beckett Joas, Frye, at 0:38; pinned Parker Hunter, EA, at 2:51; and beat Sean Bonzagni, Mor, 8-3, in the championship final. Ripley finished first.

120 pounds — Phoenix Martinez, Ocean, pinned Piera Grant, LA, at 0:55; beat I. Lindsey-Strout, Mor, 13-2; and lost to Jace Patel, Wells, 9-2, in the championship final. Martinez finished second.

126 pounds — Gavin Ripley, Ocean, pinned Keira Kelly, Dir, at 0:19; pinned Vinny Duguay, MtVal, at 0:37; and beat Dan Marquis, Wells, 6-1, in the championship final. Ripley finished first.

132 pounds — Silas Spear, Ocean, was pinned by Griffin Brickett, Wells, at 0:57; and lost to Joey Fusco, Frye, 16-0.

138 pounds — Jacob Barstow, Ocean, was pinned by Sam Schmitt, Win, at 0:31; and was pinned by Sam Schultz, Mon/Rich, at 1:20.

152 pounds — Joseph Brown, Ocean, was pinned by Braeden Cunningham, Mor, at 0:41; and was pinned by Dominic Capella, Wells, at 0:17.

160 pounds — Kael Sidelinger, Ocean, was pinned by Max Merrill, MtVal, at 1:24; pinned Curtis Errington, Dir, at 1:43; and pinned Haden Fox, FA, at 2:23 in the consolation final. Sidelinger finished third.

Elizabeth Bowman, Med, was pinned by Joe Neal, York, at 0:19; and was pinned by Errington, Dir, at 0:42.

170 pounds — Xavier Woodbury, Med, lost to Andrew Crews, MtVal, at 3:56; beat Eric Yoo, Frye, 12-1; and pinned Sam Taft, Mor, at 2:36 in the consolation final. Woodbury finished third.

182 pounds — Ben Richardson, Ocean, was pinned by Allan Rogers, Win, at 0:25; and was pinned by Nathan Coleman, Wells, at 1:46.

195 pounds — Jame Rose, Med, pinned Darius Goulette, Mor, at 1:42; was pinned by Job Fox, FA, at 0:36; pinned Addison Lufkin, Dir, at 0:45; and was pinned by Cornin Drake, LA, at 0:32 in the consolation final. Rose finished fourth.

220 pounds — Marshall Addy, Med, pinned Skyler McKenzie, Mon/Rich, at 0:53; pinned Isaiah Bradeen, Dir, at 2:51; and lost to Tresdon Mills, MtVal, 4-2, in the championship final. Addy finished second.

Takuma Steinberger, Ocean, was pinned by Braeden Webber, Morse, at 3:12; and was pinned by Skyler McKenzie, Mon/Rich, at 0:32.

285 — Nathan Gess, Med, was pinned by Gabe Winson, MtVal, at 1:23; pinned Aubrie Cobb, Mor, at 0:45; and was pinned by Andrew Wisecup, Dir, at 0:50.

Class A North

For the Windjammers, Savannah Eastler (3rd at 113 pounds), Julian Henderson (1st at 120), Michael Rollins (3rd at 126), Landon Pease (2nd at 132), Vincent Mainella (3rd at 138), Connor Pease (4th at 152) and Henry Pharris (1st at 182) qualified for the state meet.

The team scores were: Oxford Hills of South Paris 163.5, Mount Ararat/Brunswick 154.5, Camden Hills 95, Skowhegan 78, Windham/Gray-New Gloucester/Westbrook 75, Cony of Augusta 69, Mount Blue of Farmington 51, Gardiner 47.5, Nokomis of Newport 34, Lawrence of Fairfield 26.5 and Messalonskee of Oakland 12.

The individual Camden Hills results, with Windjammers listed first, were:

113 pounds — Savannah Eastler pinned Jacob St. Pierre, MtB; was pinned by Bryce Atkisson, OxH, at 3:23; and pinned St. Pierre, MtB, at 0:12 in the consolation final. Eastler finished third.

120 pounds — Julian Henderson pinned Nicholas Williamson, MtB, at 0:15; pinned Chandler Robichaud, MtA/B, at 1:05; and pinned Colby Nadeau, Law, at 5:11 in the championship final. Henderson finished first.

126 pounds — Michael Rollins lost to Jared Bellemare, OxH, 8-6; and pinned Evan Ahearn, Gar, at 4:05 in the consolation final. Rollins finished third.

132 pounds — Landon Pease beat Kyle Doody, Gar, 14-3; and lost to Dash Farrell, MtA/B, 10-2, in the championship final. Pease finished second.

138 pounds — Vincent Mainella lost to Jacob Cote, Nok, 7-2; pinned Ashton Darling, Law, at 2:21; beat Herlin Martinez, MtA/B, 4-3; and beat Nolan Turcotte, Cony, 6-2, in the championship final to finish third.

145 pounds — Zach Gilbert was pinned by Aiden Clark, Skow, at 0:23; and was pinned by Chris Harvey, WGNGW, at 2:08.

152 pounds — Connor Pease was pinned by Spencer LeClair, MtA/B, at 0:25; and lost to Owen McDuffie, WGNGW, at 0:36 in the consolation final. Pease finished fourth.

170 pounds — Hayleigh Martz lost to Scott Ingalls, WGNGW, 11-1; and lost to Cole Darling, Law, 16-0.

182 pounds — Henry Pharris beat Cameron Strout, OxH, 7-0; and beat Kyle Graffam, MtA/B, 11-4, in the championship final. Pharris finished first.