BELMONT — Police on Tuesday arrested a Lincolnville man who fled into the woods after being stopped for a defective exhaust. 

William Deane, 45, was discovered lying in the snow by a Waldo County Sheriff’s Office K-9 after a brief search.

According to police, Trooper Hunter Belanger initiated a traffic stop at 7:50 p.m. Feb. 15 for a defective exhaust on Lincolnville Road. The driver, he said, failed to stop, which led to a pursuit. During the time he followed and signaled Deane to stop, Belanger observed him swerving, activating directional signals, and braking several times. 

When he finally stopped farther down Lincolnville Road, as Belanger began to exit his cruiser, Deane pulled away. Belanger caught up to Deane and initiated a pursuit intervention maneuver where the car is bumped from the side near the rear wheel, causing it to spin out. Deane then fled on foot into the nearby woods.

Deane was arrested, taken to Waldo County Jail and charged with several violations.  

Charges include three counts of violating conditions of release, operating after license revocation with two prior OUI convictions, attaching false registration plates, permitting display of false registration validation device, failure to stop, two counts of refusing to submit to arrest and unlawful possession of the Schedule W drug Suboxone. 

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