Hello Monroe!

From single-digit temperatures readings one evening, to mid-30-degree temperature readings the next; funny how that 32-degree evening suddenly felt like a heat wave. The heat wave continued in earnest with temperatures peaking in the low 50s, turning our driveway and grounds into mud and “swimming pools” as the snow and ice turned to liquid fast. Creepers are a must to fill the wood boiler and tend the chicken coop these days, that or ice skates!

Worth celebrating

Happy belated birthday wishes go out to father and son duo Dan and Mark Dolloff of Monroe. Mark celebrated turning on 29 on Feb. 14 and Dan “rolled in on number 65” on Feb. 17. Happy birthday to you both!

The local BUM League basketball program wrapped up its season at Mount View on Feb. 13. Young Monroe ballers joined forces with Brooks peers on Monroe/Brooks combined basketball teams this season. Buxton’s sponsored the 3/4 grade division for Monroe/Brooks and Gibbs Hardware sponsored the 5/6 grade division for Monroe/Brooks, and each division finished by winning the league championship!

Happy birthday to the following Monroe residents celebrating in the month of March: Bo Dennis (2nd), Anthony LePore (9th), Bernys Doak (10th), Janet Aitken (13th), Mary Lou Nealley (15th), Ethan Stubbs (29th) and Adam Vogel (30th).

Cribbage results

The bracket is still hanging at Monroe Country Store, showing off Steve Baglione as the cribbage champion and winner of the store gift certificate! Steve was one of 22 area community members who signed up to take part in the tournament, which ran through the month of January at the store. As the bracket poster states, cut throat was left up to the players and a skunk counted as just one game. Players paired off to compete in up to three games, with the best two out of three winner advancing to the next round. Steve defeated four other players to take the 2022 title!

Have a great week!

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