It has been 10 years since my mother passed; it still feels like it was yesterday. She made the best apple pies and I just made one using her recipe. I can’t make them as pretty as she did, but I do all right.

I have not seen Owen the opossum recently, but a member of the Fire Department did see him crossing the road as they were responding to a fire call. I have seen his footprints on the porch.

The town needs Recreation Committee members. If you have ideas for adult and children’s activities and would like to be involved in making them happen, please leave your name with the Town Office.

Unity does not have curbside recycling pickup. Residents of Unity can bring their recycling to the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center on the Leonard Road in Thorndike. Jeff and Steve will help you if you need assistance.

Sullivan’s Waste Disposal reminds us that all trash must be bagged and tied even if it’s in a tote or can. Bags should weigh no more than 40 pounds and one trash sticker affixed to each 30-gallon bag. The Unity trash stickers still currently in use say 50 pounds, but we wanted to use up all the old ones before we ordered new. All cardboard must be broken down or bundled. There was discussion at the Feb. 15 Select Board meeting about having all trash picked up on a single day, but for now we will continue to have trash pickup on Mondays in outlying areas and Fridays in town.

Traps for Kids will be at the Friends of Lake Winnecook first-ever Ice Fishing Derby Sunday, Feb. 27, on Unity Pond. This great organization hands out free fishing gear to kids who do not have their own. “Better a tackle box than an Xbox.” FMI on the derby:

Wooden Wonders in Thorndike, owned by Rocy and Melissa Pillsbury can be reached at 855-462-2484. They make top-of-the-line “hobbit houses” that can be used for a variety of things: play house, guest cottage, garden shed, sauna and more. They also make chicken coops for backyard flocks of two to 24 hens, built for the New England climate, that keep chickens safe and comfortable year-round. Durable and ergonomic design. Delivery available.

Save the date(s): March 25, polls will be open at the Town Office noon-8 p.m. for election of moderator and municipal officer. March 26, annual town meeting at the Unity Elementary School gymnasium. Doors open at 8 a.m. for registration and the meeting starts at 9 a.m. sharp!


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