Snow gone

It always amazes me how quickly snow can dissipate. Recent rain and warm temperatures have reduced the snowpack to a fraction of that it was just days before. Snow lovers may despair, but for me, spring, or some semblance of it, can’t come soon enough.

Also remember that while the spring equinox doesn’t occur until March 20, meteorological spring begins on March 1, only a few days away.

This is pushing it, but wouldn’t it be nice to see some green grass on St. Patrick’s Day?

Head Start

Waldo Community Action Partners’ Head Start/Pre-K Early Childhood Program will start accepting applications for the fall program year in March. If you have a child who will turn 4 by Oct. 15, please go to waldocap.org and click on the “Apply” button to start the application process, or call 338-3827. Someone from their offices will be in touch with you to set up an appointment to complete your application.

History note

The Republican Journal, Feb. 25, 1904: “An electric light plant is being installed in the old grist mill to furnish lights for the Frankfort Supply Co.’s new store and also for public and private use.”

I view the above notice as an example of how complicated things have become today as compared to way back then. If someone now wanted to create any kind of hydropower facility, the Atlantic Salmon Commission, Trout Unlimited, EPA, DEP, NOAA and who-knows-who would have to sign off on it. That is, after a long feasibility study. And then the permit would probably be denied.

Weekly quote

“In days when daisies deck the sod and blackbirds whistle clear, wi’ honest joy our hearts will bound to greet the coming year.” — Robert Burns