STOCKTON SPRINGS — About 15 people turned out Feb. 17 for a brainstorming and information meeting about high-speed internet. Although Select Board members were present, it was not an official meeting of the board.

Responding to questions, Town Manager Mac Smith told The Republican Journal by email that George Kerper of the Searsport Broadband Committee and Kevin Kelley of the Winterport Broadband Committee attended the meeting. “They had not been invited; they came simply out of the spirit of community,” he said.

“They presented invaluable information, which the Stockton Select Board felt put us light years ahead of where we would have been had they not been at the meeting. The major points from them were that although there is money in the infrastructure bill, most of that will go to areas that have no internet at all, or who are considered underserved, with a definition of underserved that would probably be too strict to be helpful to Stockton,” he said.

Kerper and Kelley emphasized that “the process (of getting high-speed internet throughout the town) would be expensive and would take a long time to complete.”

It was agreed that Smith would bring some names to the next Select Board meeting for a broadband committee, which would be constituted for the duration of the project and disbanded once it was complete. A signup sheet was circulated for those who wanted to receive further information.

Those at the meeting made it clear that internet service is spotty in many areas of town, he said.

Smith added that board members thought those serving on the broadband committee should have an understanding of the technical aspects of the project.