ROCKLAND — On Tuesday, March 1, Captains’ Quarters — a virtual speaker series hosted by the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum — will head to the heart of the windjammers that ply our Maine waters: The galley.

Up before the sun, stoking a wood stove, the smell of freshly baked bread in the air, the cooks of the windjammer cruises work below decks in small spaces, keeping passengers and crew well fed with luxurious meals, the recipes of which fill the pages of many cookbooks in the Midcoast.

While the picturesque views of the Maine coast are always featured in holiday photos by passengers on our local windjammers, the stories of food are without a doubt a highpoint of any trip. From the freshly baked pastries, the lobster bakes ashore, the delicious desserts, salads and main courses, these cooks serve it all, accompanied by the smell of wood-smoke from the stoves they prepare it on. The galleys of these windjammers are truly the original farm- or sea-to table venues here in the Midcoast, serving up locally sourced delicacies on a daily basis.

Join these “heroes” of the sea, Shelley Johnson, Bridget Qualey, Ellen Barns, Annie Mahle, Ann Miller, Shawn Grimes, Lori Alexander, and more, as they share the stories and secrets — and hopefully a recipe or two — with Captain Jim Sharp, co-founder of the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum.

In the true spirit of our maritime heritage, it is suggested people grab a “tot” of rum — or a cup of tea — settle into the comfort of their own boat or home, fire up the woodstove and the computer, and join in the fun on Tuesday, March 1, at 6:30 p.m.

Registration is required, and available on the museum’s website at on the “Music and Calendar” tab.

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