BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from Feb. 10 through Feb. 16 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Jeannette Faunce to Brian D. Frus and Stephanie M. Natale.

Wilma B. Moses and Lawrence L. Moses II to Lisa Moses Mosher.

Carroll Littlefield Living Trust to Jeffrey S. Heroux and Melissa L. Heroux.


Amy I. Bradford and Amy I. Flood to Amy I. Bradford and Kyle J. Bradford.


Gordon F. Wood to Bryann Lentz and Rachael Audrey Lentz.


Florence May Irish Est. to Lewis B. Irish I, Gloria Marcia, April McAllister, Macky McAllister, Lewis B. Irish II, Isreal Irish and Laura Irish.

Gloria Marcia, April McAllister, Macky McAllister, Isreal Irish and Laura Irish to Lewis B. Irish I.

Lewis Irish I to Lewis B Irish II.

Lewis B. Irish II to Lewis B. Irish II and Vira L. Irish.

Matthew Braley to Daniel William Di Meo Jr. and Jessica Lee Di Meo.


David Normann to Rose Normann and Grace Normann.


David A. Pill and Hillary Maharam to 904 Billy Shore LLC and Nine Hundred Four Billy Shore LLC.

U S Bank National Association TR, Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Donald P. Bass and Crystal L. Bass to Elizabeth B. Elliott.

Warren Brewer Jr. Est. to Aiayascon LLC.

Utgoff-Islesboro Family Limited Liability Limited partnership to Crow Cove LLC.

Stephen L. Phillips and Candace L. Jones to Rebecca Stone Mailloux and Michael Mailloux.

Periwinkle Associates LLC to Rebecca Stone Mailloux and Michael Mailloux.


CCM Real Estate LLC to Charles F. Bradley and Jeremy A. Butler.

Timothy J. Taylor and Laurel L. Taylor to Timothy Mulcahy, Elisa Mulcahy, Patrick Mulcahy and Laura Mulcahy.


Josephine D. Bohlke Est. to Lisa Fischman, Christine Waring and Paul Waring.

Laura A. Curcione to Matthew P. Riley and Molly G. Lloyd.


Samuel S. Stopak and Mia C. Kogan to Penobscot Bay LLC.


Virginia R. Hodge to Andrea Maloney and Taylor James Maloney.


Charles P. Hooper, Constance Hooper, William W. Hooper and Debra S. Lamson to Douglas William King and Charles W. King.

Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to Twitchell Hill Blueberry Collective LLC.


Sharon K. Nichols to David Brent Nichols, Seth Evans Nichols, Alana Simone Nichols, Liliane Amber Nichols, Emily Jane Nichols, Katherine Crosby Nichols, Sebastian Barron and Christine Nichols.

Norman Cunningham, Nancy Philbrick-Cunningham and Nancy Philbrick to Patrick Carver and Virginia Carver.


Carol Kuhn to Howard P. Sawyer III and Marcia Sawyer.

Charles T. Morecraft Trust and Janet Morecraft Trust to Einar Stole and Suzanne Jan De Beur.


Craig Kramer and Alice Kramer to Michael Catania and Jan Rosenfeld.


Walter W. Wetmore to Walter W. Wetmore and Mirra Kohlmoos.


Gerald R. Cross Jr., Karen Cross and Karen Jackson to Christopher E. Cross.

Christopher E. Cross to Gerald R. Cross Jr., Karen Jackson and Karen Cross.

Gerald R. Cross Jr., Karen Cross and Karen Jackson to Hannah Rose Lane and Craig Michael Lane.

Bouchard-Bouedreau Irrevocable Trust to Durl Lynn Kruse and Meridith Kruse.

American Advisors Group to Jamie Mulley.


Frances J. Miller Revocable Trust to Richard Novak and Barbara Smith-Novak.


Terry Sawyer and Lauretta S. Sawyer to Peter Natale and Jessica Natale.

Matthew Casavant to Randy Elwell.

Lawrence A. Swenson Est. to Kirk J. Swenson.


Christopher L. Bouchard to Christopher L. Bouchard and Barbara Bouchard.


John F. Piotti and Susan A. Piotti to Bowsprit Foundation.

Charles H. Graffam to Darcy E. Grondin and Dena Clark.


Pervez Hai to Marek Nurzynski.


Steven N. Parker and Tracy A. Parker to Zenon Pax Mineo and Corinne M. Meehan.

Jason Leon Harmon and Megan M. Harmon to John-Juston W. Marcigliano and Katherine E. Marcigliano.

Vicki J. Wolfe to William P Wolfe III.

Vicki J. Wolfe to William P Wolfe III.