I understand about 60 people came out to celebrate Winterfest. What a great turnout! Many thanks to the Historical Society and the Freedom Rec Committee for putting on this fun annual event.

While I couldn’t go on the day of the event, I did make it down to the village on Monday to go ice skating on Freedom Pond. But it gets boring simply skating in circles by yourself, so I was not out for long.

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be teaching a “Veterans Benefits 101” class, through the Regional School Unit 3 Adult and Community Education program. This class will focus on how veterans can apply for disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, what a veteran needs to prove to receive benefits, and other “101” aspects. As of right now, the class will be held on Thursday, March 24, 6:30 to 8 p.m. I will most likely teach this class once a semester, or depending on the popularity of the first class, do a follow-up class on related material.

If you are a veteran or a friend or family member of a veteran, you will definitely benefit from this class. I will most likely have a few copies of my book there, available for a reduced price. All book sale proceeds, and my instructor fee, will be donated to the Belfast VFW.  Further details will be advertised by the A&C Education Program.

I usually write this column on Thursdays, but was so distracted and distraught over Russia’s Ukraine invasion that I really could not concentrate on anything else except constantly refreshing news sources and checking in with Ukrainian cousins in both Ukraine and America.

Please keep Ukrainians in your thoughts and help as you can. I know the British Red Cross has organized a special relief fund. I’m sure as the humanitarian crisis becomes clear, more organizations will set up ways to support.