Ah, 65 degrees, on my back deck, in the shade! While I sit on the front porch in a T-shirt and barefoot, I can see the ice bank melt in front of me like a snowball on the woodstove. Lore has it that this is not good for the sheep. They have not been shorn yet — and I wouldn’t at this point, though you could — because I wouldn’t want them to get too cold when the temps drop back down in a day. But they’re too hot now, with almost a year’s growth of wool on them, and they don’t eat much on a hot day and then they don’t have the kilojoules inside them for the following cold day. But, wool helps insulate against cold or heat so they, hopefully, should be fine either way despite the stress of it all.


Sending out sympathy to the family and friends of Laurence “Larry” K. Dodge Jr. of Jackson.  A funeral and graveside service will be held at the Jackson Corner Cemetery on May 6. Check with ripostafh.com to confirm details.

ATV trails

At the Select Board meeting on Feb. 22, a lively discussion was had regarding a people’s petition submitted that day for an ATV Access Route Ordinance. The petition garnered 54 signatures. The ordinance was written by a group of citizens from Chase Road. The purpose of the ordinance is to delineate a process for how decisions are made about which town roads are opened for ATV Access routes in Jackson.

The citizen’s petition hopes to create a process that will be transparent, and open for public debate, prior to Select Board approval. At the time of this writing, this proposed ordinance is under review by the Select Board, as well as being forwarded to the Maine Municipal Association’s legal team, to determine if it is ready for a town vote. A response to the petition must be provided within 60 days of submission. In summary, per my reading of it, the proposed ordinance would create an open dialogue about which roads in Jackson should be opened up to be ATV access routes.

As we wait to hear about the ordinance petition, the Select Board acknowledged that, at our March 19 town meeting, there will be a non-binding straw vote to ask the townspeople how they feel about a current request from the Jackson Wheel & Ski Club to open up ATV access routes on Hatch, Chase, Hadley Mill and Long Swamp roads. Select Board members have said they will take the results of this straw vote under advisement when considering approval of these ATV access routes.

Town Office

Please note that the next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, 6:30 p.m. The previous meeting date of March 1 conflicted with an ATV informational meeting at 6 p.m. in the Community Center. The next Select Board meeting is Tuesday, March 8, 6:30 p.m.

Free vaccine clinic

A COVID-19 vaccination clinic will be held at Tarratine Hall, at 153 Main St. in Belfast from 1 to 6 p.m. Friday, March 4. The clinic will provide first, second and booster vaccinations for adults, and (with parental consent) to children aged 5 to 17. Anyone receiving a first dose of Pfizer or Moderna will be scheduled for the second dose before they leave the clinic. There is no cost to receive a vaccination, and walk-ins are welcome.