Literacy Adventure

Waldo Community Action Partners Early Childhood Program presented a Literacy Adventure event Feb. 11 at the Morrill Community Building for kiddos ages 0-5 who attend their program. Belfast Free Library

Librarian Stephanie Holman with one of her furry puppet friends at Morrill Community Center Feb. 11. Courtesy of Waldo CAP

Children’s Librarian Stephanie Holman, along with her furry puppet friends, told a story about sharing. Family Advocate Melissa Fisk read “The Little Blue Truck.”

Kendra Strong, a local author and illustrator, read a book she wrote and illustrated called “Carl and Kenny, a Tale of Two Friends.”

Deb Palmer, Family Services manager, shared information about making a coffee-can story.  Children took home a coffee can with popular stories printed out, along with objects to help tell the story. Refreshments and door prizes were given out, courtesy of area businesses.



Kendra Strong reads a book she wrote and illustrated called “Carl and Kenny, a tale of Two Friends,” to youngsters at Morrill Community Center. Courtesy of Waldo CAP

Volunteer Fire Department news

We wish to thank our local town columnist Brenda Harford and her mom, Jenese Harford, for the donation of lots of hot chocolate. With as many accidents we have covered lately on cold nights and days, this will be a great way to warm up when we return to the station.

We currently have three of our new volunteers attending a lengthy Basic Firefighter school in Liberty. They are Sara Kelemen, Tom Fish and Lee Pellecchia. Thank you! New member Kameron Culbertson recently received certification as an operator for Engine 32. Great job!

Soon, Chief Patrick Richards of the Belfast Fire Department and Jethro Pease of the Morrill Fire Department will recruit young men and women 14 to 17 years of age to participate in a Junior Firefighter Training class. Chief Walker of Waldo Volunteer Fire Department and Chief Harford of the Belmont Fire Department will be trying to add young people to this class also. Both have committed to assisting in the instruction, as well. More on this later.

Our painting project (all walls and ceiling) of the Fire Station is almost complete. Just a few more sessions and we shall be done for now. We will do the floor later when we can leave the apparatus out during warmer weather.

— Jethro Pease


Happy belated birthday to Allison Litttlefield on Feb. 25, and to Hunter Howes on March 7.

Don’t forge that March 13 you set your clocks ahead one hour.

How have you all been liking this weather — 65 one day, next only 18? I just know that spring is right around the corner. You all have a wonderful week and enjoy what ever weather we are having!

Quote of the week

Be yourself no matter what. Some will adore you and some will hate everything about you, but who cares? It’s your life. Make the most out of it. — Unknown