Currently sixth in the Eastern Conference with 35 wins and 26 losses, the Boston Celtics look to finally have found their regular-season sweet spot with a recent nine-game win streak, before losing to the Detroit Pistons by a point before the all-star break and coming out of the pause with a lopsided win over the New Jersey Nets.

That led the Courier Publications/VillageSoup sports staff to ask, in its latest poll: What is your happiness level with the Boston Celtics:

In a previous poll, voters were asked who would win Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. — Los Angeles Rams or Cincinnati Bengals?

Sixty-five-point-eight percent of voters thought the Bengals would win in a close game. Another 23.7 percent thought the Rams would be the winners in a close game. Ten-point-five percent thought the Rams would take the win in a lopsided game. There were no votes for the Bengals winning in a lopsided game.

The Rams defeated the Bengals 23-20.

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