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Searsmont games

Those China winter games are over so we took a minute to consider what Searsmont has to offer. Start with Blocked Culvert Skating, where you make it to the mailbox without falling on the ice and get extra points for doing a triple salchow. In Woodboarding you unfreeze logs from the big dooryard pile and carry them to the house. Hurling is like curling, only you toss wood into a carrier. In Wood Dancing you lug the carrier through a frost-heaved stuck door into the house and take two ibuprofen. At the Searsmont Games Closing Ceremony you fill the stove, close the firebox door, and parade to a chair to wave the flag and drink a celebratory cup of coffee or tea. Tears and heartwarming stories about your sacrifices and the challenges you overcame are optional but increase your social media score.

Town Office

Crie Road still has mud and ruts, so the Searsmont transfer station will be closed for a few weeks. Until then, take your trash and cardboard to the Community Building parking lot.

No one is saying what’s on the front cover or to whom the soon-available 2022 Town of Searsmont Annual Report is dedicated. Town Meeting is Saturday morning, Apr. 2, at the Fire Station. In addition to budget and “boiler plate” warrant items, about 10 board and committee positions will be elected. You can vote for one selectman (Arlo Redman’s first term ends this year) and one or two members or alternates for the Library Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Board of Appeals, Cemetery Committee and school board representative. Let the candidate recruitment and campaigning begin.

You asked about town meeting and we answer. Yes, it’s an election year and you can expect elected officials and a candidate or two to be there. No, Waldo County and Regional School Unit 71 budget numbers will not be ready for your vote. Yes, selectmen-approved Donation Committee recommendations will be available for your debate and vote. Yes, Lee Woodward will be on hand to moderate and keep the meeting on track. Yes, the Broadband Task Force will have information for you at the meeting. And yes, Planning Board warrant items and full text will take up more warrant space than the budget.

Town Library

The Seed Library program is now up and running, just a few weeks before indoor tomato seeding and mud season. Come by to “borrow” local heirloom, organic and standard vegetable, herb and flower seeds to “help create local seed stocks that are better acclimated to our unique climate and which support an abundant and genetically diverse landscape.” The last library-sponsored “Waldo County Hike” of the season is set for Saturday morning, Mar. 12.

Mud season has arrived in Searsmont. Photo by Mickey Sirota

Bits and pieces  

The next-to-last Searsmont Historical Society meeting until the fall, with great cookies, is Thursday, Mar. 10, 1:30 p.m. The speaker is local videographer Rush DeNooyer, whose credits include documentaries for Nova, PBS, the Smithsonian and the History Channel. It should be worth making time to be there.

Animal Control Officer Robin Dow is good at her job and now Searsmont also can admire her poetry. Her recent poem “In Maine,” an appreciation of living here, was printed in the February “Up Beat,” the Maine Academy of Country Music’s newsletter.

Searsmont’s Gayleen Gogan, Waldo Community Action Partners’ Early Childhood Program family advocate, says WCAP’s Head Start/pre-K is now accepting applications for RSU 71’s fall program at Gladys Weymouth School. If your boy or girl is 4 years old by Oct. 15, go to, click on “Apply” and start your application. Someone from WCAP will get back to you to set up an appointment to let you know what paperwork you will need to complete your application in person. Or call Gayleen at 338-3827.

Searsmont definitely knows about “wait a minute” Maine weather. But don’t you think the latest round of snow then ice then thaw then rain then mud then freeze then snow again is just wicked bizarre?