There are several quotes that refer to Mother Nature as being fickle; this week proves the point. T-shirt weather one day, followed by wind and cold and then a prediction of inches of plowable snow. This has wreaked havoc on our gravel roads. The ground, already saturated with the fall rains, followed by weeks of bitter cold, drove the frost deep into the ground.

The frozen ground cannot absorb the rain and fast-melting snow, and that creates what we all refer to as “mud season.” Posted signs should be going up shortly; Bailey Road is already closed to through traffic. We were able to get seven loads of crushed stone and those have been put down in the worst places.

It was unfortunate for the Unity Pond Ice Oval Races that the weather caused the cancellation of the last two race dates.

Absentee ballots for one municipal officer (selectman) are available at the Town Office. If you live in the Unity Utilities District, ballots for one trustee are also available.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the Annual Report and preparing the articles for town meeting. The “books” will be out within the next couple of weeks. There’s a lot of work that goes into the production of them.

We’ve revamped the permits needed for building construction to make for easier understanding of what is needed for both residential and commercial construction. There are also new permit forms for change of use and occupancy, along with shoreland tree removal.

Discussion has started about the digitization of old town records. This would make for ease in research about past town meetings and building permits.

Looking for hay? Larry Ward in Thorndike has first and second cut round bales available. FMI: 416-8787.

Happy birthday to my uncle, Ed Picard. And happy birthday to another one of my oldest and dearest friends (we’ve known each other since we were 2), Raymond Stevens.


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