As far as I’m concerned, the digital age has some big drawbacks. It’s not just because I’m an old guy and not hip to all the new stuff, either. Let me give an example.

Yesterday, noting that my car’s gas tank was low on fuel, I went to Winterport to fill up. I inserted my chip card and the prompt displayed three options. Choose one. Oops! I made the wrong choice. The thing stopped working and then it said to go inside and see the clerk. The store was packed, so I decided to go back to Frankfort to fill up.

At the pump I once again inserted my card. Nothing happened. Then I saw a prompt to choose a box. But the screen was so scratched, and partial sunlight brightened it so much that I couldn’t read it. I withdrew my card and drove home, defeated by the digital age. If it ever warms up, I’ll return and pay cash.

Library news

Waldo Peirce Reading Room and Library has been selected for March to receive a $1 donation for every Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet with the red circle sticker sold at Hannaford in Bucksport,  located at 53 Route 1, Bucksport.

History note

“The teams are no longer crossing the Catamawawa stream, near the residence of Chester Curtis, as it is no longer considered perfectly safe. This thoroughfare has been much traveled during the winter and has shown how much the sister towns of Frankfort and Winterport, whose interests are mutual, may benefit each other by a bridge near this point over the stream. It almost looks as if the younger generation will wait until old age before a bridge at this point on the Catamawawa river and electric cars from Hampden to Frankfort become a reality.” — Bangor Daily News, March 14, 1912.

Weekly quote

“So many misties in March, so many frosties in May.” — Old Scots saying.