March 10, 1830

We publish to day, the Constitution of the Belfast Lyceum, together with some other proceedings. We are glad to perceive that our citizens generally are awake to this subject, and it is to be hoped that the foundation which has been aid for a Lyceum in this town will be permanent and lasting.—Every day’s experiment, exhibits the great advantages of these associations wherever they have been formed. Ten have already been formed in the County of Kennebec, and as yet only one in this county.—We hope for the honor of the town that this association is not destined to go the way of all other societies of a useful nature which have been formed here. Our citizens will now have an opportunity to cast off the imputation, of a want of public spirit, and a desire for improvement in useful knowledge, and we hope they will embrace it.

March 16, 1860

The bill dividing the town of Frankfort, and creating the new town of Winterport, has passed the legislature.

March 13, 1890

Mail Agent Snow, on the Belfast train, says the “catcher” system mentioned some time ago, is now in working order and gives great satisfaction, especially to himself. Large numbers of people assembled last week at the several flag stations to see the catcher snatch the mail bags from the crane on which they are hung.

March 11, 1920

Tuesday a notice was posted at the Leonard, Stevens & Bearce shoe factory stating that on account of the extreme difficulty of getting their stock here from the markets on account of snow blockades and freight troubles the cutters will be out subject to call. This affects the other rooms in the order of their line of work. Herbert H. Stevens, managing superintendent, hopes that the enforced closing will be of short duration, as it will soon be possible to receive and ship freight by boat.

March 16, 1950

Dr. John A. Caswell, local health officer, has announced that the annual smallpox vaccination will take place in the Belfast schools within a few weeks.

Vaccination at this time is also free to all inhabitants of the city, since the state laws of Maine require that each year free vaccination be offered to the inhabitants of its towns and cities.

Consent slips are to be given to those school children for whom no record of smallpox vaccination is listed on their school medical cards. If the child has been successfully vaccinated, there is a place for the parent to state that it has been vaccinated.

March 13, 1980

For an hour or so last Thursday night, Searsport police were involved in a series of incidents that would make a passable TV script.

Before it was over, a man had leaped from a second story window, fled down the street and hid behind a grocery store checkout counter from his antagonist, who allegedly was wielding a knife, and the spanking new Searsport cruiser was totalled six miles away in an encounter with a patch of ice.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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