The Freedom Town Report is a remarkable example of government accountability. I highly encourage you to read through the various budgetary spreadsheets; letters from town officials; and reports from all sections of town government.

I particularly found the “Select Board and Treasurer’s Summary of Expenses 2021” report informative.

As the selectmen note, Freedom is lucky to have so many residents volunteer their time to help guide and run local government. One just needs to look at the list of town government officials (pages 1 and 2) to see how many people care about having a say in running their town. Thanks to all who make the effort!

And of course, I loved seeing that the Town Report is dedicated to Marilyn Perry, a friend and familiar face to all who passed away early last May. I had to chuckle at the part of her dedication that read, “probably one of the most exciting trips she ever took was through the front wall of the Town Office when she was riding shotgun with her friend Sallyann. She had some good wise cracks about that incident.” Yes, that “incident” — blamed by my grandmother, until her dying day, on her “shoes” and not something more likely her neuropathy or inattentiveness — is still frequently referenced in my family, as well.

No column for me next week, but you will see my byline on the Republican Journal’s coverage of the Freedom town meeting. Enjoy the warming weather!