Town meeting: this Saturday, March 19, at 9:30 a.m.!

It really is spring. I saw my first red-winged blackbird. I find myself walking tentatively, arms out like a windmill, to avoid falling on the slick mud over hidden icy sod. It will be Memorial Day before we know it.

Speaking of Memorial Day, Marlene Thompson does a wonderful job of ensuring that the cemeteries all have their veteran graveside flags, and that Jackson flies the flag on the poles along Route 7 in town. We are a few (four) flags short because of loss and damage. Would you be willing to donate $22 to help purchase one of the additional flags? If interested, please give Marlene a call by the end of March, 722-3350. Thank you!

Town meeting

Town meeting will be held at the Jackson Community Center. To accommodate those who are immunocompromised, or wishing to mask, the voting box table and clerks will be set in the wide doorway between the two rooms in full view of all residents. There will be a microphone system set up so that speakers from the stage will be heard clearly in both rooms. The outside entrances to each room will be open, the dance hall room will be “masks optional” and the kitchen room will be “masks required.” Hopefully all who want to attend will feel comfortable to do so.

Town roads open to ATVs

At the March 8 Select Board meeting, after a lengthy and vigorous debate — and a few heated exchanges — the Jackson Select Board voted unanimously to approve the following motion:

To “open all town roads as ATV access roads.”

Now, before you jump on your ATV and yee-ha it all over town, please know that you can only legally ride on roads that have been posted with specific signage for use by ATVs. The Jackson Wheel & Ski Club will be actively involved in selecting which roads will be open for access routes, and will put the signage up, for riding to begin in May.

Per the Select Board, the citizens’ petition previously submitted for an ATV ordinance was deemed not legally acceptable for a town vote by Maine Municipal Association’s staff attorney, Garrett Corbin. The final decision for opening ATV access routes within a given Maine town rests with the Select Board/governing body. Consequently, the straw vote regarding residents’ inputs on opening ATV access routes on Jackson town roads will no longer be on the warrant at town meeting, as the March 8 Select Board vote allows the use of all roads as ATV access routes.

Food Pantry special pickup

Jackson Food Pantry is holding a special distribution day for working folk who can’t make it over at the regular Monday morning hours. On Sunday, March 27, the pantry will be open for you to come in (not a drive-thru) and pick up your boxes from 4 to 5 p.m.

Cindy Ludden will need you to message her on Facebook (search for “Jackson Food Pantry Info”) so she can have the right number of volunteers available for the distribution. Please note, this distribution is specifically for people who cannot make the Monday hours. Regular hours will still be happening Monday, March 28, 9:30-10:30 a.m., as usual.


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