On March 9, Mount View hosted a Middle School wrestling meet. Facing off against the home team were Oceanside and Bucksport middle schools. I have many friends on the wrestling team, so I was glad to have the opportunity to watch this meet along with other friends and classmates.

I arrived at the high school gym immediately after school and the Mount View team was soon to follow. The mats were rolled out, the opposing teams arrived, each to its own designated theme song, and weigh-ins took place at 3:30 p.m. In wrestling, weight is very important, with individuals wrestling within a certain weight class. If  they come in above the upper limit during weigh-ins, they will only be able to wrestle “exhibition,” which does not count on their record. Before weigh-ins, there’s usually a spectacle of someone throwing on every team member’s jacket and running through the halls in a last-ditch attempt to lower the scale.

The meet began at 4 p.m., with Mount View and Oceanside facing off. Both teams began by warming up while music of their choosing played. This not only readies the wrestlers physically, but ideally intimidates their opponents. Finally, the teams begin their face-off, working their way up through the weight classes. If there is no member of the opposing team in someone’s weight class, they win automatically.

When two people in the same weight class do meet up, they start facing off before the referee begins the match. To win a match, you must pin your opponent on his or her back for two seconds. To accomplish this, wrestlers use a variety of moves ranging from a “fireman’s carry” to the “double leg takedown.” Though I don’t usually watch sports, there is something undeniably fascinating in the struggle.

Mount View lost to Oceanside and then again to Bucksport, but the meet was by no means wasted. Some of the team members, including my friends Shane Goguen and Oden Pontillo, won all of their matches and the latter is totally undefeated this season. Every win improves ranking, a prediction of success in regionals. With about eight meets to go, the wrestling season is only just beginning.


There will be a Montville budget meeting on Monday, March 14, at the Town Office. The regular Select Board meeting will follow. A Zoom link is available on the town website.

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