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Be counted

“May you live in interesting times” is a curse, they say. The news, photos and videos from Ukraine are moving and grim. Searsmonters with Ukrainian or Russian heritage are doubly horrified. After watching televised wars in Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, we are reminded that a free press brings with it

The Ukrainian flag. Source: Anonymous Free Download

the responsibility to watch, listen and make an informed decision on what you can do. You can choose to write to your congressman or senator or a letter to the editor, or stand on a street corner with a sign, or make a donation to the International Red Cross or World Central Kitchen. Or you can choose to do nothing at all.

Town Office

The March 7 selectmen’s work session considered warrant items for voter approval to use Searsmont reserve account money for road repair and as a backup to purchase the McClellan property if grants are not approved. There was also a detailed discussion of insurance for the Community Building and Fire Station. Glad they’re on top of this.

It’s ice-today, thaw tomorrow and mud season, so Searsmont’s roads are posted. The town says “Searsmont is doing its best but there is no quick fix.” To be extra safe, especially if you live on a gravel road, the town advises you to have extra medicines, oxygen, food, fuel and a week of drinking water on

March Thaw on Searsmont’s Maple Brook. Photo by Joyce Sirota

hand. Plan travel when roads are firmer in the early morning and wait until plows go through. Fill your gas tank, expect power outages, and in an emergency call 911, the Waldo County Sheriff’s emergency line at 338-2040 or the Town Office at 342-5411.

Town meeting is set for Saturday, April 2, 9 a.m., at the Fire Station. Get your annual report and warrant at the Town Office, post office, library and village store. We will report next week on the proposed March 15, 6 p.m., McClellan Tract purchase meeting.

Well done, students

Belfast Area High School second quarter honor roll results are in, and Searsmont can take pride in 22 brilliant students. Congratulations to Grade 12 high honors recipients Faith Hughes and Helena Staples, honors students Taylor Lemon and Chloe Staples, and commendable student Lincoln Holt. Grade 11 high honors go to Hagen Chase, honors to Hunter Alderson, Stella Collins, Holden Nichols and Hayle Withee, and commendable to Abbott Craig and Halle Tripp. Grade 10 honors recipients are Emma Harvey, Noah Neal and Sophia Taylor, and commendable to Sullivan Bryant, Hailey Inman, Erin Robbins and Eli Veilleux. Grade 9 high honors go to Isaac Thompkins, honors to Rebecca Gary, and commendable to Caden Nickerson. Kudos to all!


Virginia Yarnell, a good woman whom we have known for more than 30 years, passed away Feb. 4, just shy of age 79. Her family says she was cancer-free after a stem cell transplant and succumbed to COVID-19 after being exposed to an infected person. She worked at the Moss plant in Belfast and the Hutchinson Center, served on the Belfast Child Care Services board and gardened like crazy. Our sincere condolences to her sons and our neighbors Ian and Colin and a very large extended family. We miss Ginny.

Bits and pieces          

The community columns should be the first thing we read in The Republican Journal each week, but they are not. How many other Searsmonters turn to the police log first, just to see if you know anyone listed?

Congratulations to Northport, Lincolnville and Unity for moving ahead with broadband expansion. Searsmont is not yet on that list, dagnab it, but the town and its Southwestern Waldo County Broadband Coalition partners (Liberty, Montville, Freedom and Palermo) are working hard to get there. Full disclosure: your correspondent Mickey Sirota is on the Searsmont Broadband Advisory Task Force working with SWCBC.

There will be no March 31 column and we apologize for running away for a week of warmer weather. For you numerology fans, this is column number 123. Thank you for providing so much news.