March 19, 1835

While public attention seems to be alive to the many sources of wealth, which have been, by a bountiful Providence, distributed throughout the earth, we would suggest the expediency of forming companies for exploring the interior as well as the exterior of our sphere. Indications that cannot be mistaken, point out the existence of many minerals in our county, such as iron, marble, coal, &c. It is only requisite, that companies composed of enterprising individuals, should be formed, who would adopt such means, as would test the fact by fair experiment, and bring to light these hidden treasures, or at least prove whether or not, they do exist. No doubt many of the valuable ores are emboweled in the earth under and around us. Let but one half the enthusiasm and enterprise be exerted in their discovery and examination that is now enlisted in exploring the wild lands of the State and there can be little doubt, that vast sources of wealth would be opened, at once for view, both more valuable and lasting. We make these suggestions, hoping some enterprising and scientific gentlemen may take them up, both to their own, and the benefit of community.

March 23, 1855

Prepay your postage.—On and after the 1st of April, the postage on all letters must be prepaid Recollect.—if you slip a letter into the post-office without prepaying the postage, it won’t budge a bit.

March 18, 1875

Numerous gas leaks around town caused by the contraction of the pipes, in the severe cold, are reported.

Orchardists who are examining their apple trees, report an abundant crop of caterpillar’s eggs. The safe way is to hunt them out, and cut off the twigs.

A pedler named Day hailing from Portland, caused some little excitement last week by getting drunk and disturbing the peace. He was lodged in jail, but no complaint being made, was let out next day.

March 21, 1895

Thomas H. Marshall Relief Corps held a quilting at Memorial Hall last Friday afternoon, followed by a baked bean supper with Thomas H. Marshall Post and A. E. Clark Camp as guests. The quilt was set by the late Miss Susan Marshall more than 60 years ago and was presented to the Corps by Mrs. W. C. Marshall. The Corps offers the quilt for sale, the proceeds to be devoted to the funds used in charitable work.

March 18, 1915

St. Elmo, a pictureization of Augusta J. Evans’ novel, is the attraction at the Opera House for Friday only. A special matinee at 2,30; no advance in prices. All new program Saturday.

Dr. Elmer Small met with a painful accident Monday while cranking his auto. His right arm was severely strained, but he fortunately escaped a fracture. He is attending to his practice as usual.

Automobiles and auto trucks have been in use all winter, with very few days when they could not run as well as in summer, and part of the time the traveling has been good for all wheeled vehicles.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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