UNITY — A Unity man was arrested Wednesday morning, March 16, after an incident that drew deputies from the Waldo and Kennebec county sheriffs’ offices, as well as a state trooper who had been patrolling in nearby Albion.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Jason Trundy said that at 7:37 a.m. an anonymous caller reported hearing gunshots coming from 113 Windemere Lane. “The caller said four men were standing outside the residence, and eventually they all went inside.”

A scanner report of the incident generated considerable comment, including several posts on the Waldo County Scanner Facebook page.

“The residence has had some history; we’ve been there before,” Trundy said, explaining the scanner traffic and why so many law enforcement officers converged on the scene.

Lt. Matt Curtis of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office “made contact with the homeowner,” Trundy said, as two men “took off running into the woods.” Deputies apprehended one of the men; the other got away, he said.

Ethan Sargent, 29, of Unity was found to have what deputies believed were Schedule W drugs in his possession, Trundy said, and authorities discovered he also had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear on a terrorizing charge. They arrested and charged Sargent with felony possession of Schedule W drugs, Class C, and with resisting arrest for running away, Trundy said.

The homeowner gave permission to check the house and “make sure everybody was OK,” he said. “They claimed it (the reported sound of gunshots) was a car that backfired.”

Trundy said there were no signs of guns in the home or of anyone being injured.

“I’m not sure that the story (about the car) was necessarily 100% accurate,” the chief deputy said, “but we really didn’t have anything to indicate that anybody had done anything wrong other than the guy who ran.” Deputies cleared the scene about 8:23 a.m., he said.

As for the man in the woods, “He was long gone,” Trundy said.