BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from March 3 through March 9 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Seascape Motel to 202 East Searsport Avenue LLC and Two Hundred Two East Searsport Avenue LLC.

Maria Millard Povec and Joshua Povec to Joshua Povec.

Sharon E. Larson and Arlin T. Larson to Abdelhamed Mahfouz and Nourhan Abdelhameed.

Laverne Stephen Knapp Jr. and Patricia Lynn Hooper to Knapp Living Trust.

Pacific Invested LLC to Christopher Hurley.

Sharon A. Werner to Sonja R. Beal.


Robert L. Hamel Sr. to Robert L. Hamel Jr.


Donald and Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust Agreement to Donald and Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust Agreement.


Robert W. Golia to Helen Sahadi.


Darleen E. Van Duysen Est. to Audree E. Van Duysen and Wayne C. Van Duysen.

Paul V. Vosburgh and Kimberly R. Nardone to Dennis M. Nardone and Kimberly R. Nardone.

Carol McGovern to Carol McGovern and Elizabeth Johnston.

Battle Hymm Homes Inc. to Brittany Ariel Cooper, Roman Cooper and Marc Bubar.

David Attwood McLaughlin Est. to Crichton Minges and Heather Hepp.

David W. St. Clair to Robert C. Mulvey and Tammie M. Mulvey.


Lawrence L. Pearse Est. to Denise M. Pearse.

Denise M. Pearse to Philip M. Witham and Cassandra L. Witham.

Barbara P. Keenan Est. to Kathleen K. Sparaco and James Keenan.

Dana R. Woods to Dana R. Woods and Tara Woods.

Steven R. Palmer Est. to Doris J. A. Palmer.


Claire L. VonGrimmenstein to David George Downey.


Patrick B. Wilson to Patrick B. Wilson and Christine Larow.


Joel Plosza to Frances Gangitano.

Gerald Harriman to Beth B. Fournier.


Robert T. Snipes and Susan B. Snipes to Kimberly J. Snipes, Katie K. Mack, Ginger M. Emden and Nelleke S. Mack.


Bucktail LLC to Douglas E. Forbes and Joanne R. Forbes.


Frank Bagley to Gary G. Zane and Nancy S. Zane.


Laureen J. Hope to Sheila Beach.


Sadie Lloyd Mudge to Sadie Lloyd Mudge and Samuel A. L. Mudge.


Halbert B. Miller to Heather L. Wardwell and William A. Wardwell III.

Town of Winterport to Billy Joe Rancourt.

Brandon T. Kenney, Marie R. Kenney and Marie R. Heath to  Allison F. Pike and Jamin Keith.