Who’s got their garden all planned out? Truth be told, with all this war talk, and endless supply chain issues, I am starting to feel all “prepper.” Maybe it’s time to build that root cellar and greenhouse, and stockpile jars for canning. It’s so sad to see the news coverage of civilian casualties in Ukraine, especially where the evacuation routes for refugees were bombed as they tried to escape. May heaven help them come to a resolution very soon.


A shout-out of thanks to Marlene Thompson, and Jeri Roberts and her granddaughter Jordan Larrabee, for coming out on a Saturday morning to help with the assembly of the Town Reports for town meeting.

Veterans Law Class

On Thursday, March 24, 6:30-8 p.m., attorney Tyler Hadyniak (Mailloux & Marden, and Freedom town columnist) is leading a class on what is required to get compensation through the VA, including disability benefits for medical conditions they think are related to service. Tyler’s legal career began in veterans law, and he is the only veterans disability law attorney in Waldo and Knox counties. This course will be a basic, introductory guide to veterans benefits. This is a Regional School Unit 3 Adult and Community Education class, held at Mount View High School. Please preregister at rsu3.maineadulted.org/course/veterans-law-class/ or call 568-3426.

They’re baaaaack

Ticks. My hens seem very busy in the leafy debris, so I can only hope they are getting a jump on the tick-eating job. Little River Veterinary Hospital has been posting, since the beginning of March, that their clients are pulling ticks off their dogs. After having Lyme last August, I am prepping all my tick clothing, tick pants, tick shirt, tick socks — from Insectshield, tick gators, and tick spray. I am sad to report that more different kinds of ticks with more different kinds of diseases are making their way north. The UMaine Cooperative Extension says:

“Lone star ticks are most abundant in the southeastern United States, though their range does extend to northern portions of the country, including southern and coastal Maine. They are often found in dry forested sites with shrub undergrowth and along rivers and streams near animal resting places…Lone star ticks can be vectors of several serious tick-borne diseases including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, tick paralysis, STARI (southern tick-associated rash illness), and ehrlichiosis, which affects both humans and dogs. New research also indicates that some people may develop allergic reactions to red meat following the bite of a lone star tick.” Be tick safe!

Town Office

Town roads have been posted for heavy load restrictions as the weather warms up. Please note, it does not mean that heavy loads are not allowed, just that they are restricted to when the air temperature is below freezing and there is no running water on the road surfaces.

Congratulations to our new code enforcement officer, Cindy Abbott, who has now passed both the plumbing tests to qualify for plumbing inspections. You will now see Cindy out on calls requiring plumbing inspections.

The next Planning Board meeting will be on Tuesday, March 29, 6:30 p.m.